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Time to work out, or go see a new movie!

 Stardate, Jun 21-30.

Time to work out, or go see a new movie!

Please see the first and second writeups for June. In addition:
The Moon: All times PDT

These time periods are good for beginning important things that you want to end well, because:
1. the Moon isn’t void of course (VOC),
2. AND the Moon’s last aspect before it will next go VOC is a traditionally “good” aspect.

If a day and time falls outside the ones below, it’s better to wait for a good time period if you can. Also, it depends on how important the action is to you. Not all actions have specific or important outcomes, either. I wouldn’t adopt a kitten, buy a car, or send out the office party invitations when the Moon isn’t good, but I’d certainly go grocery shopping, work out, or see a new movie with friends.

The Moon’s good:
After 3:44 pm June 21 through June 23 at 11:45 am After 3:06 pm June 25 through June 27 at 2:12 pm After 5:41 pm June 27 through Jun 29 at 1:35 pm
New Moon on June 23 at 7:31 pm at 3 degrees Cancer. (Note that this degree is rounded up from 2 Cancer 44 to 3 degrees, the way we say this is the 21st century although its years start with 20, as in 2017. They don’t start with 21.)

This new Moon is also:
* conjunct Mercury in about 4 Cancer,
* very widely conjunct Mars at 13 Cancer.
* just outside the orb of squaring a stationary Jupiter at 14 Libra
If you have planets or points in the early degrees of the cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, then you’ll feel this new Moon more intensely than the rest of us will.

Look at your chart to see what house 3 degrees Cancer occupies. That’s where in your life you’ll experience the new Moon’s energy: at work, at home, in a relationship, in your finances, etc. If you have a planet or a point there, be prepared to pay attention to this house and feel (Moon) whether there’s anything you’d like to change. You’re ready for some new beginnings or insights in that area.
If you have a planet or point at or near 3 degrees of Aries, Libra or Capricorn, you’ll still experience the new Moon in whatever house holds 3 degrees Cancer in your chart. However, the planet or point affected by the new Moon will also have a chance for self- analysis and making some new starts, although they may be rockier than for the 3 degree Cancer people.

 The Sun entered Cancer (the summer solstice), June 20 at 9:24 pm. It enters Leo at 8:15 am on July 22. Mercury entered Cancer, June 21 at 2:57 am. It enters Leo July 5 at 5:20 pm.

The Sun moves into the first and most sensitive of the water signs, Cancer, on the 20th at 9:24 a.m. Cancer the Mother, the Healer, the Nurturer, the Sensitive, the Rememberer. Cancer is the pinnacle of yin energy. We can relate it to the Great ort Divine Mother or the Goddess, but Cancer is an archetype, not a person, and about half the people born with this Sun sign are men. We all have yin energy somewhere, regardless of our plumbing or inclinations.

Natives of this sign or those strongly influenced by it—a Cancer Sun, Moon, or Ascendant, and to a lesser degree those born with the Moon conjunct the Sun (a new Moon) or in the first house, need to develop an even richer inner life than they had as children.

To explore their sensitivity, their feelings, their vulnerability, and the influence of their childhood and family, without being overwhelmed by them or by other people and retreating or shutting down. To use their imagination. To feel their way through life as much as possible. To open their hearts as much as they can, consistent with their own emotional health. Much as mild summer weather does, Cancer needs to encourage and support growth in itself and others, but not smother-mother to the point of self-neglect or allowing others to take advantage.

(Some chickies really are ready to leave the nest.) That nurturing energy needs a harmless outlet somewhere: a kitten, a garden, a room to redo. Speaking of rooms, Cancer needs to be content with its home, and to have an equal say in what happens there: how it’s decorated, who’s invited and when, where the pets are allowed, etc. That home is a kind of shell for Cancer the Crab, a place to protect its sensitivities, to daydream, to think things through without interruption, to journal, to create.

During this solar passage through Cancer, slow down a bit. Plant something. Aim for more and better self-care. If you need a day off, take one. Give yourself time to feel as well as think.

Listen for the hurt behind someone’s sharp words. Don’t knuckle under, and count to ten before you answer.
Everyone’s emotions are running a bit higher now. The weather may be calling us outdoors, but this solar month is a good time to look within.
Don’t take a book to the beach. Turn off your phone.

Look at the water or swim. Delve for your earliest memory, then the one after that.
Imagine all the homes you’ve ever lived in, beginning with the first you can remember.

Watch for whatever feelings may accompany the memories.

Or build a sand castle of your ideal home. What rooms are biggest? Which did you build first? What might that say about what you’d like your life to include?

It’s time for some introspection. Explore some of the many symbol systems or theories people use to understand themselves better: astrology, Tarot, the I-Ching, the Enneagram, the Myers-Briggs, Jungian psychology, dreamwork, guided journaling, intuitive painting, etc.

And if you’ve been wanting a pet, now’s a good time to adopt one and give it its forever home.