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Transiting Uranus entered Taurus on May 15, 2018

Transiting Uranus entered Taurus on May 15, 2018, at 8:16 am PDT, where it remains until July 7, 2025.

It spends about seven years in a sign, minus some brief retrogradations into the previous sign, such as its return to the late degrees of Aries between November and March. Astrologers call Uranus one of the “generational marker” planets; it demarcates a mini-generation of seven years per sign. We rebel and innovate against and through the energies of the sign that Uranus occupies, which is now Taurus, either naturally or by transit. The new and unusual often provoke a backlash, so some people may cling fiercely to the Taurean status quo as long as they can.

Here’s a quick example: the Uranus in Cancer mini-generation seriously questioned the construct of the nuclear family, often describing it as dysfunctional. They created communal or non-traditional living arrangements, had children much later in life than their mothers did, or had them out of wedlock. They also became involved in alternative (Uranus) health (Cancer, healing), and women’s issues (Cancer as archetypal Yin energy).

For the next seven years, we can grow impatient with what may seem like unnecessary restrictions, overly conservative attitudes, and empty conformity related to what Taurus rules. We’ll see a great need for change, increased freedom, and social progress in areas related to Taurus, and a questioning of the status quo in those departments. It’s also possible that we’ll see more extreme manifestations of greed and selfishness, since Uranus rules non-conformists, reformers—and sociopaths.
Tune in tomorrow and the next couple of days for more about what areas of life Taurus rules, and what innovations or resistance to them we might observe over the next seven years.

Jodie Forrest