Stardate, Cancer October 2018, Sun Signs.

Welcome Cancer, to October 2018

Cancer: I hope you have your own comfy hobbit hole, Cancer, because you’ll feel like spending some time there this month. (By hobbit hole, I mean a home or room you love and where you can daydream undisturbed.) Not the whole month, but enough that you feel restored, can contemplate something beautiful, have a relaxed meal with a few dear friends, and let yourself drift into memory and soulfulness. Later in the month, something creative, playful or romantic could emerge as a result of your willingness to cocoon.

Jodie Forrest
" Life is a journey; astrology helps you read your map."

This months song for Cancer:
You Tube: , This Must Be the Place, Talking Heads.

note: I mention these songs for two reasons: (astrological) educational purposes, and so that we can enjoy them together. Have fun listening!