Stardate, Gemini October 2018, Sun Signs.

Welcome Gemini, to October 2018

Gemini: Remember having fun, Gemini? Making glorious messes in the kitchen or the studio or on the dance floor? Getting so caught up in a book or conversation that the hours evaporated? I know you’re busy, but you do not live by work alone. What’s the most fun you’ve ever had? Go do that again, or anything that appeals to you at the moment. Hint: learning something new and fascinating, improving at a hobby, or taking a small or large trip might be on the horizon. Stretch yourself; go see what you can do

Jodie Forrest
" Life is a journey; astrology helps you read your map."

This months song for Gemini:
You Tube: Beautiful Day, U2.   

note: I mention these songs for two reasons: (astrological) educational purposes, and so that we can enjoy them together. Have fun listening!