Stardate, October 1st 2018 with Jodie Forrest

Stardate, Virgo October 2018, Sun Signs.

Libra: A spiritual teacher who shall remain nameless once said that many people divide humanity into three groups: The Sexually Desirable, The Competition, and The Irrelevant. Continue Reading:

Scorpio: You need time to daydream, meditate, and use your imagination. To do lots of “looking” before a leap later in the month. Continue Reading:

Sagittarius: No one is an island, to paraphrase John Donne. Explore your favorite communities or some interesting new ones this month, Sadge, especially if they’re gracious, curious, upbeat, and forthright (so you don’t have to be Appropriate all the time). Continue Reading:

Capricorn: What seems to be a reversal, an about-face or a kerfuffle, in public, in your career or about your reputation—may or may not be one after all. It’s wise to review your own part in any misunderstanding; Continue Reading:

Aquarius: The writer Ana├»s Nin once said, “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” Courage isn’t the absence of fear; Continue Reading:

Pisces: You can go deeper. Into your consciousness, into your psyche, into your passion, into figuring out what you believe. Continue Reading"

Aries: Thomas Dolby’s cover of I Scare Myself, by Dan Hicks. Your relationship with a mate, friend or partner is in focus, although it’s probably with the former. Continue Reading:

Taurus: Can you hear me over all the requests for your time, skills or assistance? I hope so, because not all of them should be your responsibility. Continue Reading:

Gemini: Remember having fun, Gemini? Making glorious messes in the kitchen or the studio or on the dance floor? Getting so caught up in a book or conversation that the hours evaporated? Continue Reading:

Cancer: I hope you have your own comfy hobbit hole, Cancer, because you’ll feel like spending some time there this month. Continue Reading:

Leo: You might be in for a surprise at work, or in some other relatively public area of your life. What is it? I wish I knew, Leo! Continue Reading:

Virgo: I suspect you’re very busy this month. If it’s doing something you love and at which you’re skilled, that’s probably a good thing. Continue Reading:

Jodie Forrest
" Life is a journey; astrology helps you read your map."