Stardate, Pisces October 2018, Sun Signs.

Welcome Pisces, to October 2018

Pisces: You can go deeper. Into your consciousness, into your psyche, into your passion, into figuring out what you believe. You don’t need an outer guide for this journey, although you may have offers of company. Ask yourself: do I want to walk with this person, one step at a time? Feel your way into your answer, but here’s a tip: not unless it’s a path with heart for you both. Expect to see and speak more of your truths along the way. Facing your fears will make your road clearer.

Jodie Forrest
" Life is a journey; astrology helps you read your map."

This months song for Pisces:
You Tube:  Swim by Stuart Davis. (I usually like to post live performances, but I wanted you to see the lyrics to this astonishing and utterly original song.)

note: I mention these songs for two reasons: (astrological) educational purposes, and so that we can enjoy them together. Have fun listening!