Stardate-September 2018: Sun Signs

Stardate, September 2018: Sun Signs’ 

Theme Songs of the Month

Virgo: The Who’s cover of Summertime Blues, by Eddie Cochrane. Haven’t been having much fun lately? ( continue reading )

Libra: Loggins & Messina, Angry Eyes. Some relationships need attention, careful scrutiny and truth. Perhaps it’s bond with your partner, family—who may not share your DNA—roommates or colleagues. ( continue reading )

Scorpio: U2, Stand Up Comedy. You’ve had opportunities for growth, renewal and self-confidence lately, and pleasing visions of your future.  ( continue reading )

Sagittarius: Bachman Turner Overdrive, Taking Care of Business. (Watch how much fun the keyboard player is having!)  ( continue reading )

Capricorn: David Bowie, Under Pressure. Keep on keeping on. Recent stress will lessen a bit, and your “peeps” can bring relief and new ideas.  ( continue reading )

Aquarius: Blame Sally, Fillmore Street. It may have seemed hard to keep yourself together and focused for a while, and that your self-esteem’s been fluctuating.  ( continue reading )

Pisces: Me’Shell N’degeocello, Free My Heart / Ecclesiastes. (Note transition from Neptune-ruled TV glitz to this song, also ruled by Neptune, as is Pisces.)  ( continue reading )

Aries: The BoDeans, Naked. (No video, worth the slow start. Incredible vocals!) Time to evaluate your skills, job requirements, and responsibilities.  ( continue reading )

Taurus: Kool and the Gang, Celebration. All adult mammals play, except a human who’s temporarily forgotten how, but humans need play for our well-being, too.  ( continue reading )

Gemini: David Saw, Quiet Evening, sung by Carly Simon. Even you need to put your feet up and decompress once in a while. As Mark Twain wrote, “Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits.”  ( continue reading )

Cancer: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, I Won’t Back Down. Time to take an objective look around, assess an interpersonal situation or creative project, and scan for anything about your partner or friends that you may not have noticed before.  ( continue reading )

Leo: Katy Perry, Roar. Tasks, responsibilities, and hard-luck stories are knocking loudly at your door. Your boss may “delegate” inappropriately; a loose cannon could fire and blame you; relatives might ask you to mediate their quarrel.  ( continue reading )

Text only, copyright Jodie Forrest, 2018

Note: All rights to these songs are held by their composers and/or performers. I neither have nor want any rights to or profits from them. I supply links to song videos here only for educational purposes. Enjoy them!