Nov 27th: Interpreting the Ascendant in Readings

Beginning in November: "Interpreting the Ascendant in Readings".
(class course study: 4 weeks at 90 minutes per class).

Class 1: The Ascendant, its meaning and significance in a birth chart, and its ruler(s)
Class 2: Natal aspects to the Ascendant
Class 3: Transits to the natal Ascendant
Class 4: Progressions and directions of or to the natal Ascendant

Course Description:
Instead of rote definitions or jargon, Jodie focuses on creative, accessible interpretive strategies that will help your readings come alive, engage your clients, and leave them well-informed and smiling.

You’ll learn some practical techniques, developed over Jodie’s 35 years of doing readings, for analyzing the significance of the Ascendant, its ruler and natal aspects, and the dynamic events involving this crucial part of a birth chart.

There is a difference between the depth of an astrologer’s knowledge of an astrological configuration, and how that configuration is best presented in order to maximize a client’s understanding and retention, while minimizing the chance that he or she will leave the reading feeling confused or overwhelmed. In other words, there’s a difference between what you know versus what you say and how you say it.

All too often, the Ascendant, our entry vehicle and “spaceship” for navigating the outside world, is given short shrift in readings.

Since the Ascendant is the primary interface between your client and his or her life in the outside world, astrologers should give it just as much time and attention in their interpretations as they give the Sun or the Moon.

Without a healthy response to his or her Ascendant, it’s as if your client is locked into low Earth orbit but has neither fully landed nor has much clarity about what to do after touching down here.

Prerequisites: basic knowledge of natal astrology, and the general significance of transits and progressions/directions

Sign up today for your first class beginning November 27th, 2018 at: International Academy of Astrology

Audience: beginners to practitioners

Handouts: will be provided for students to download

Interpreting the Ascendant in Readings is a four weeks, 90 mins per class course. (Pacific time zone.)

Bio: For the past 35 years, Jodie Forrest has maintained a busy practice as an astrological consultant, writer, teacher and editor (Seven Paws Press).

She’s a frequent contributor to The Mountain Astrologer and other astrological journals, and travels widely to speak on astrological topics.

Her solo books include The Ascendant and a Nordic-Celtic historical fantasy trilogy beginning with The Rhymer and the Ravens, and she’s currently working on a book about solar arc directions.

She co-authored Skymates One and Skymates Two (with Steven Forrest) The Composite Chart, and the text for three synastry report writers.

She humbly serves her Feline Masters at one of her southern CA home, where an uppity cast of her fictional characters and her painting studio compete for her spare time.

Jodie Forrest
"Life is a journey; astrology helps you read your map."
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