Life is a journey; astrology helps you read your map.

JFA: Welcome to January 2019

Welcome to January 2019

For everyone: Since transiting Uranus is making a station in late Aries all month, it's turning up the volume on the transiting Uranus-Pluto square and on the United States' first Pluto return, which is active from 2008-2023. The Uranus station can retrigger conflicts (Aries) that we experience today on both personal and global levels: corruption, coups, overreaches of power, destructive greed, and spying (Pluto) within established forms of governments (Capricorn) and multinational corporations (Capricorn) which, as Jungian analyst James Hillman has written, are like a modern version of Italian city-states. Refugees fleeing violent rebels (Uranus in Aries) who’ve taken over their land, and/or economic inequities (Pluto in Capricorn), strain the resources of other countries and governments (Pluto in Capricorn unearthing prejudice, fear, and attempts to control), and a conservative (Capricorn) backlash (Aries) is well underway. Long-established governments (Capricorn) are dealing with increased terrorist attacks (Uranus in Aries) and rising nationalism. In our collective awareness hovers (Neptune) a generalized fear of the dissolution (Neptune) of structures in society (Capricorn).

However, as also happened during Pluto’s last transit through Capricorn from 1762 to 1778, there are also Uranian grassroots movements in this country and abroad that are both exposing (Pluto) and protesting against (Uranus) the shadow side of the current government (Capricorn): political corruption, inflation, unfair taxation, hacked elections; attacks on Obamacare, Medicare, and Social Security; mistreatment of minorities and the vulnerable; arrest or detainment without due process; economic unfairness; policies harmful to the environment, and right-wing extremism. Examples here include Occupy Wall Street,, Planned Parenthood, the Standing Rock Sioux water protectors, the nationwide and global Women’s Marches, the American Civil Liberties Union, and widespread protests in favor of humane treatment of refugees and against Trump’s policies and appointees. In Europe, there are demonstrations (Uranus), such as those by the French "yellow vests," against raised taxes, terrorist attempts, the fate of Brexit, and extreme right-wing movements. Those governments have also experienced a growth in nationalism (Capricorn).

We have our Uranian work cut out for us to block (Aries) all the attempted power grabs, cessation of aid, revocation of liberties, unfair taxation, efforts to discredit and gaslight the press (Pluto, Capricorn), and insufficient response to climate change.

 The U.S. Pluto Return
The United States (Sibly chart) experiences its first Pluto return in 2008–2023, which I think the nation feels during that planet’s entire transit through Capricorn. Pluto’s orbit around the Sun takes 248 years, moving slowly enough to be felt very deeply and powerfully for a prolonged period of time wherever it's transiting. As a nation whose birth chart has a 2nd-house Capricorn Pluto, the U.S. is particularly sensitized to the theme of something rising from the depths (Pluto) of Capricorn-ruled material to be revealed as a shadow side of that sign and purged or transformed. In 1776—to summarize (and oversimplify) a complex set of events—that shadow side of Capricorn referred to our growing perception of unfair, harsh, autocratic political and fiscal treatment by England. Given the U.S. chart’s Moon in Aquarius, this country is always attuned to Uranus, planet of progress, independence, innovation, social justice, and revolution. With the (Sibly) U.S.A. chart’s connections to both planets, America is practically a lightning rod for the current transiting Uranus–Pluto square.

What has happened so far? The global economy and housing markets went south in 2008, and the role in the collapse (Pluto) played by some financial institutions (Capricorn) became evident (Pluto). Corporations (Capricorn) came under fire for everything from genetically modified food to endangering water sources to lying about fuel emissions tests. The "Me Too" movement protested the treatment of women by many members of patriarchal societies (Capricorn). World politics (Capricorn) went through a series of upheavals (Uranus), some of them violent (Aries), teeming with accusations of espionage, hacking, voter fraud, gerrymandering, nationalism, bigotry, and foreign influence on national elections.

The American Revolutionary War began with Pluto in Capricorn. As an astrologer, I’m intrigued but not surprised that during the U.S.’s first Pluto return, which includes today’s transiting Uranus–Pluto square, one of the many Uranian organizations fighting (Aries) here to preserve as much as possible of our democracy, values (2nd-house Pluto), international relations, and planet Earth itself is called “”

What can you do? Speak up! Make your voice heard! THE most important of these issues is our lack of sane and enforceable environmental policies, as will become increasingly apparent after Uranus moves back into Taurus on March 6, 2019. Global warming is all too real, and there is no planet B. If you'd like some inspiration, watch the excellent National Geographic series, Mars. It's a science fiction series set in the near future: What would happen if scientists and profit-hungry corporations reached Mars, with all of its discoveries waiting to happen and all of its as yet untapped natural resources, at the same time? The show is also a series of mini-documentaries and interviews with astronomers, environmental experts and other scientists about what could happen with our climate in the very near future unless we make serious and rapid changes, and what could happen in our first human ventures beyond the Moon. Revolution, The Beatles.

 "Life is a journey; astrology helps you read your map."

Jodie Forrest

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