San Diego Full Moon

Transiting Saturn’s busy in my own birth chart at the moment and, which is frequently the case during Saturnian times, I’ve been extra-extra-busy with my astrological practice. Besides seeing clients, I’m lecturing at the Mayo and London Schools of Astrology’s student conference on Sept. 14-15, and I’m teaching an online class on rectifying (deducing) birth times for the International Academy of Astrology starting on Sept. 28th.

I’m continuing to write a book about solar arc directions (and a new novel) and working with my web guy on my website. I‘ve also been up to my ears in the sort of concrete, real-life logistics that often need attention when Saturn’s active in your chart. House, yard and garden repair and maintenance, car recalls, kitty biopsies (Cato had only a benign bone spur plus allergies, whew), human check-ups, getting more organized, and facing the need to slow down a bit at the gym.

I’m not thrilled about that last one, but one Saturnian reality is that ageing isn’t just a matter of Attitude. I hope I can continue taking a Zumba class, left Achilles tendon permitting, because dancing is a great workout and a lot of fun, even for less than well-coordinated me.

Okay, that was the end of the Excuses Paragraph. Now let’s talk about the August full Moon, which in San Diego, CA, is at 5:30 a.m. PDT on Aug. 15th, 2019. (It’s tweaked a bit for that exact location). Here’s the chart:

Jodie Forrest
Stardate Aug 15, 2019, Full Moon, 5:43 am PDT
copyright Jodie Forrest, 2019, all rights reserved