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*I’m hoping that the "better angels of our natures" take a benevolent and inclusive higher road during these two aspects, the conjoining of Venus and Jupiter and the opposition of Mars and Uranus. I’m hoping we don’t indulge either in an excess of self-righteousness, feelings of entitlement, and too much compromise, or in bursts of scorched-earth rage and an ultimately self-defeating attachment to power and profit. It’s self-defeating, because if we continue to ignore our common environmental crisis--the elephant in our global living room--we will all lose. May we find common ground in our essential humanity and our shared home, the Earth. We are all interdependent now, in that the actions of one country and even of one person affect the overall health of the biosphere.
*The world will, indeed, "much note and long remember" what unfolds in the next several days. The tone of what unfolds from those two aspects will resonate in the upcoming Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on Jan. 12th, 2020. That conjunction doesn't affect just those of us who have planets near 23 degrees of the cardinal signs: which are Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra. It also affects the world, world events, and the United States in particular, because that conjunction happens very close to our nation's upcoming first Pluto return at 28 degrees of Capricorn.
In a birth chart, Pluto rules your psychological shadow, the parts of yourself that you seldom show to the outside world, the parts that feel wounded or damaged or unacceptable. It rules sexuality, power struggles, death and dying, depth psychology, and the occult. It also rules archaic primate impulses that most of us control in order to stay out of jail. In mundane astrology, which is the astrology of world events, Pluto rules banks and similar entities who handle other people’s money. It rules nuclear power, mining, volcanos, fracking, waste disposal, prisoners and the prison system, political coups, espionage, and secrets. It rules what a country’s, a political party’s, and a group’s shadow is, which can often be seen in their attitudes toward minorities or toward those whom it scapegoats.
The U.S. Pluto is in Capricorn in our government chart's second house of resources, money, self-confidence and self-esteem. Capricorn rules patriarchal and hierarchical societies, class systems and caste systems, stratified levels of society, organized and legitimate governments, the profit motive, and corporations. Shadow manifestations of Capricorn include a drive for power and control--and money increasingly means both--the certainty of being an authority who always makes the best and most pragmatic choices and keeps stragglers in line, and an attachment to Tradition of all kinds. As Saturn, the planet of Reality Checks and limits, the Lord of Time and of ageing, the ruler of the three-dimensional, material world, conjoins Pluto, we need to examine and acknowledge what those Capricorn traits have cost us, literally and figuratively, as individuals and as a nation. Whether or not we consciously cooperate with the process, Pluto transits reveal, transform and rebuild the essence of what they touch. Saturn shows us reality. Pluto changes it.
The chart of a country is determined by the chart of its current government when it was first formed. The US chart that most astrologers use is the "Sibley" chart, which has Sagittarius rising--so Jupiter is the U.S. chart's ruler. The Ascendant represents an individual’s persona and outer self, as well as his or her optimal path through life. Both the sign of the Ascendant, and any planets in the first house or conjunct its cusp, are like astrological behavioral modification suggestions. It’s the way that others should see us, if we work with those suggestions.
How do others see the United States? What is our direction, as a country? How does—and how can--our behavior influence the world’s perceptions of us? Jupiter’s hopeful and tolerant energy is relatively easy for us to access as a nation, so we can definitely act upon that Venus-Jupiter conjunction if we decide to do so.

What can we do? Speak up for what we feel is right and necessary, for our ideals and for the ideals on which this country was founded. Let’s stay on higher ground as we do so—let’s consult the "better angels" of our own natures. One potential positive manifestation of Jupiter in Sagittarius is a tolerance of diversity, an inclusiveness, an acceptance that people unlike us are still people who are just as magnificent and just as flawed as we are. One potential positive manifestation of Venus in Sagittarius is a willingness to enter into dialogue with those other people.

As a Buddhist teacher says, "If you don't respect the other side of the argument, there can be no dialogue." For me, that statement is a great Truth. Sometimes, integrating it  with another great Truth that's extremely pertinent today is very difficult. This quote is attributed to either Edmund Burke or John Stuart Mill, and edited here for clarity. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for enough good people to do nothing." The integration of those two Truths is part of what faces our country and our planet right now. And we can do it.

Jodie Forrest

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