Astrology of 2020

The Astrology of 2020, Video One. Hello, everybody. I’m recording this video for you on November 23, 2019. Although it starts off discussing what’s happening now or will soon be happening in the Starry Road above us, in late 2019, it’s quite relevant to the astrological events of 2020.
* Jupiter and Venus are approaching the galactic center in about 28 degrees of Sagittarius, and the Sun has just entered Sagittarius. Meanwhile, Mars in Scorpio is opposing Uranus in Taurus. Over the next ten days or so, we may see some intense and focused assertiveness or some explosions of temper. As Uranus transits through Taurus, I hope that at least some of that Mars assertiveness, on a global level, will act in the service of some Uranian reforms that can have a positive impact on our stewardship of the Earth.
* Is our galaxy, the Milky Way, somehow sentient? Who knows? If it is, then Venus and Jupiter are aligning at its center, at its core, and whatever energy is streaming toward us from that center is tinged with energies of those two planets.
Venus rules relationships, beauty, the arts, negotiating. Its shadows can include selfishness, greed, pandering, or giving only lip service to an agreement rather than keeping it or negotiating honestly. In mundane astrology, Venus also has some rulership of the financial world, the condition of women, courtship and marriage, and treaties.
Jupiter rules hope, optimism, and a sense of expansiveness, a feeling that there are still possibilities in our lives and in the world. It rules luxuries and abundance. In mundane astrology, he rules the law, the courts, organized religions, philanthropy, foreign aid—and egotistical, self-important leaders who want to be Kings.
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