Stardate 2020

Stardate January 2020.

As you may remember from our previous videos, one of the major astrological events of 2020 is the conjunction of the planets Saturn and Pluto on Jan. 12th, 2020, at the 23rd degree of Capricorn. If this doesn’t sound familiar, I recommend that you listen to my previous videos about the astrology of 2020. In the meantime, let’s review those concepts a bit here. 

All of the planets refer to a psychological function, a specific part of the human psyche that has a specific purpose, task or role. Some of the planets are more personal in nature; they refer more to an individual psyche than to that person’s role in or experience of human society. Some are more social, in that they relate not only to an individual psyche but also to how that person behaves in or deals with his or her society. And some refer more to the human collective and to the collective unconscious, to how someone’s epoch in human history affects their individual psyche.

Saturn is a SOCIAL planet. Pluto is an OUTER or a COLLECTIVE planet. 

Pluto is like Darth Vader, or the Grim Reaper, or a psychoanalyst who works with the deep, deep psyche. Pluto’s realm is the unconscious, not just the personal unconscious and its repository of wounds, but also the collective unconscious, the world of the psychological archetypes that form a sort of common anatomy of the human psyche. Your physical skeleton is your own, of course, and it also has common ground with other people’s skeletons. We share a common anatomy of 206 bones, although no two collarbones are exactly alike. Your unconscious mind is similar. Part of it is your personal unconscious, shaped by your childhood, and part of it is rooted in the collective unconscious that’s shared by all human beings in all cultures. That shared anatomy of the psyche isn’t visible on x-rays, but it IS visible in the psychological archetypes which we can glimpse in fairy tales, folklore, mythology, art and literature. For example, people in every culture know what a good leader is and what a tyrant is, what a poet is, what a good father and what a terrible father are. 

As Pluto travels through a sign, we are asked to examine our current cultural myths, attitudes, conventional wisdom and received ideas about that sign. According to classical mythology, Pluto, as the Lord of the Underworld or the God of Hell, usually wore a cap of invisibility when he came into the upper world where humans live. He took off that cap when he kidnapped the Earth goddess’s daughter, Persephone, and took her to the underworld to be his bride. Typically, the “dark side” of the sign that Pluto is transiting becomes much more evident to us, as Pluto removes that sign’s “cap of invisibility.” In today’s world, that cessation of invisibility has to do the collective, global blinders falling from our eyes about the “dark side” of the sign Capricorn. 

What is that dark side? First, no planet, no sign and no house is ever all good or all bad. High Capricorn is the Wise Elder of the human tribe. Capricorn images are the hermit, the Prime Minister, the CEO or COO, the head of a corporation or company, the successful business person, the architect, the one who accomplishes things in the material world of form. Capricorn rules hierarchies and stratified, not egalitarian, civilizations. Capricorn rules bosses and the governments or people in power. It rules the Italian city-states of yesterday and the multinational corporations of today. It has to do with absolute realism, planning, organization, wise use of resources, setting priorities, and self-control in the service of meaningful accomplishments. It has to do with a certain toughening up, with making practical adaptions to a harsh environment, with being self-reliant, self-starting and self-sufficient. That’s why the first day of Capricorn is the winter solstice, is the first day of winter. Capricorn’s down side can include a tendency to look down its nose at less practical, affluent, self-controlled or self-sufficient people. It can include an attachment to Tradition, to respecting authority and the patriarchy a bit too much, or to being emotionally unavailable. It can be too attached to security, which can lead to greed, and to doing the practical, profitable thing rather than doing the right or humane thing. 

Since Pluto entered Capricorn in late 2008, we’ve been observing the results of Capricorn’s down side in action. The economy took a nose dive, partly because of the banking practices of the day. The daily lives of the world’s less affluent people have been worsening since then. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. In the US, about 5% of the population controls 95% of the wealth. 

That is not a sustainable situation.

Neither is the way we continue to treat the Earth. It’s part of the Capricorn shadow to place the profit motive, and the climb to the top of the heap, above all else, including the condition of our only home. As they say, there is no planet B. 

If you want a bumper sticker for this side of Capricorn, it could be the saying “He who dies with the most toys wins.” 

What happens as Saturn, which rules Capricorn, conjoins Pluto in Capricorn? The rubber meets the road. 

Just Pluto in Capricorn, without Saturn’s presence, can bring all kinds of unsettling realizations, events and abuses as people continue to grab for power, control and profit. Saturn asks us to face the reality of whatever it touches. It insists that we see that two and two make four, no matter how much we wish they made five. The more unrealistic we are, the more in denial we are, the more difficult we can find our personal Saturn transits—and the more difficult a time the world may have with the upcoming conjunction of Saturn and Pluto. 

What to do? Face reality, which means the actual facts, not the “alternate facts.” Don’t let your elected officials get away with denying reality. If someone makes a claim about “fake news,” don’t accept it without investigating it first. It’s a move from the fascist or totalitarian state playbook to try to discredit the press. Adolf Hitler spent a lot of time criticizing “the lying press.” He also scapegoated minorities, let them be attacked and dehumanized, and made more and more grabs for power, control and land. 

If you don’t like what’s happening in your life, your neighborhood, your country or the world, see what you can do to change it. Even one person’s efforts can make a difference. Plant some seeds. Donate ten bucks to save the rain forest. Recycle. Write letters to your elected officials about dissolving the Electoral College, protecting voting rights, affordable health care, or whatever issues seem most pressing to you. 

We just discussed the global level of the conjunction, which has been building for about a year, since Saturn entered Capricorn in December, 2018. What about the personal level? 

Next, I’ll talk about where the Saturn-Pluto conjunction will most affect the life of each Sun sign throughout 2020. If you know your rising sign, your Ascendant, you might want to read the forecast for your Sun sign first, and then the one for your rising sign.

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Jodie Forrest