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Jodie Forrest Astrology: Stardate, mid-October, 2018

Welcome: Stardate, mid-October, 2018

The Sun enters Scorpio on the 23rd of October, 2018, at 4:23 am PDT. (For a handy time zone converter and much more, please go to .) The next day, the 24th of October, the Moon will be full at 2 degrees Taurus (Moon) while the Sun is at 2 degrees Scorpio. This full Moon conjoins the planet Uranus, also in 2 degrees Taurus.

Full Moons typically mean that we, as a planet, have something to work out between the energies of the two opposing signs in the full Moon, in this case Taurus and Scorpio. The presence of Uranus with the Moon indicates that a new, reform-centered, groundbreaking, liberating approach to what Taurus rules is needed.

What does Taurus rule? The Earth: its land, its core, its poles and ice caps, its oceans, its seasons, its climate, its flora and fauna, including human beings. Taurus rules Nature, and our lives as primate inhabitants of this planet. It rules our connection to the Earth and to our instincts. It rules farmers and ecologists. It rules the environment.
What does Scorpio rule? It rules how we, as intelligent primates, choose to deal with our Taurean instincts. It rules how the foreknowledge of our death interacts with our survival instinct. It rules our unconscious minds, which have a common anatomy that we can glimpse in the archetypes of the collective unconscious, cross-cultural mythology and fairy tales. It rules how we interact with our collective and individual unconscious minds. It rules our shadow, and how we deal with it as a culture and as an individual: contain it, deny it, repress it, suppress it, project it (by scapegoating someone else), or attempt to integrate it? It rules how we deal with our sexuality. It has a lot to do with our real or perceived power versus powerlessness, and of control versus the lack of it.

Hint: where there’s a cultural taboo, there’s probably a Scorpionic attempt to deal with our instinctual life somewhere close by. What topics do we avoid at Thanksgiving dinner with the extended family? Sex, death, religion (or how we deal with the knowledge of our death), and politics (power and control). What do stand-up comics talk about? Why do we laugh so hard, but rather uneasily? They talk about sexuality, death, religion, politics, and our various shadows . . .

If you agree with astronomer Neil DeGrasse Tyson that “science is not a liberal conspiracy,” and if you haven’t been cut off from the world for the past fifty years or so, then you know that our relationship with the Earth, and our life as we know it on the Earth, are both threatened. If you were alive in the sixties, you’ve been hearing about it since then. So have I.

It isn’t new. It is extremely urgent. Please read this article from the BBC. It’s their report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which was just held in South Korea. After three years of research and a week-long conference, they released a 33-page report, “Summary for Policy Makers.” You may not have time to read the report, but you have time to read the article. It’s from the BBC, folks, not a wild-eyed fringe element. Here’s what they say about it:

The critical 33-page Summary for Policymakers certainly bears the hallmarks of difficult negotiations between climate researchers determined to stick to what their studies have shown and political representatives more concerned with economies and living standards. Despite the inevitable compromises, there are some key messages that come through loud and clear.

"The first is that limiting warming to 1.5C brings a lot of benefits compared with limiting it to two degrees. It really reduces the impacts of climate change in very important ways," said Prof Jim Skea, who co-chairs the IPCC.

Here’s a link to the article that summarizes the report:

I thought about writing something lighter-hearted for this mid-month Stardate.

I have a lot of fun picking your Theme Songs of the Month for the first of the month Stardates. They’re seriously based on how the current astrological energies affect your Sun sign, particularly if you were born at sunrise. I enjoy finding the music for you very much.

However, after another major hurricane—Michael, the fourth most powerful to strike the U.S. since records have been kept—hit Florida and tracked through the Southeast, only weeks after Hurricane Florence, and after a hard look at the Uranian signature of this full Moon, I felt I needed to post what I’ve written here.

We can save the Earth, our Taurean home, if enough of us stop being in denial (one Scorpionic reaction to a threat that bothers our survival instinct) and act to change our behavior (Uranian reforms). How? Check out the link above.

This is THE major issue of our day, and THE major threat to us all. Please act. And please vote for people who are not in denial about our collective danger, and who are motivated to take the difficult actions that we need to take.

Jodie Forrest
" Life is a journey; astrology helps you read your map"

copyright 2018, Jodie Forrest

Jodie Forrest: Stardate September Mid Month 2018

September 2018, mid-month Stardate

The degrees below are rounded up to next degree. If that’s confusing, it can help to remember that the date 2018 is in the 21st century rather than the 20th.

As Mercury reaches 18 Virgo, the degree of the most recent new Moon on September 9th, Hurricane Florence is battering the East Coast. Slowly, too, which brings more rain and more flooding to the area. I’m glad it didn’t arrive on the 24th’s full Moon at 2 degrees Aries/Libra at 7:52 pm PDT, because a full Moon creates higher tides. I’d anticipate the situation on the East Coast and along the inland path of the storm will continue at least until the Moon’s exact square to Neptune, ruler of floods and the sea, on September 15th at 10:13 pm PDT, then begin to abate.

Mars is applying to (approaching) an exact square to Uranus, at 2 degrees Aquarius and 2 degrees Taurus respectively, on September 18th at 4:00 pm PDT. If you have natal planets or points in the early degrees of the fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, you may experience some unexpected (Uranus) challenges (Mars). If you do, stand your ground and/or face your fears without losing your temper. Weather-wise, the applying square may relate to the tornados expected along or near Florence’s path.

For people with natal planets or points in the middle-ish of the cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, remember that Pluto is applying to a station at 19 degrees Capricorn on the 30th. Anything ruled by or related to your mid-cardinal planets or points will continue to intensify under this stationary Pluto, peaking around the 30th. Remember, however, that the separating Pluto station lasts until November 25th, and expect some lessening of intensity a few days after Thanksgiving, which is on November 22nd this year. The rule of thumb is that we feel applying (building, approaching exact) aspects or stations more than separating ones (waning, leaving the exact aspect or degree).

What do Pluto transits call for? And Pluto stations? Pluto stations affect everyone, and are stronger for you personally if you also have Pluto transiting any of your natal planets or points that are near, squaring or opposing Pluto’s stationary degree, 19 Capricorn in this case.

The U.S. is coming up on its first Pluto return in 2022, when Pluto returns to the same degree and minute in the zodiac, 27 Capricorn 33, that it occupied when we signed the Declaration of Independence. Astrologers disagree about how close a planet needs to be to an exact aspect for that aspect to be felt. For mundane astrology (the astrology of world events), I like to use 10 degree orbs. Therefore, I’d say that we’ve been getting a taste of our national Pluto return since March, 2016. Pluto in a sign brings up the shadow side of that sign’s energy; with luck and work, it’s so that shadow can be faced and at least partially healed. Capricorn rules corporations, big business, governmental structures and the structures of society, rules, regulations, hierarchies, bosses, authority figures, the heads of governments, the patriarchy in its positive and negative manifestations, the spine, the skin, the skeleton and the teeth. It refers to making practical adaptations to a harsh environment (global warming and the wild weather, anyone?). An ambitious sign, it needs to choose the right mountain to climb. It refers to control, self-control, organization, privacy, reserve, outward manifestations of power and the powerful, learning the ropes of society in order to succeed, and possible issues with being emotionally fluent and available. A shadow side of Capricorn is coldness as it pursues success, power, and/or the profit motive regardless of the damage that pursuit can do.

I think you can see these energies at work in the geopolitics of today just as well as I can. Some Capricorn-ruled issues and events already at a high boil may come to a head around the 30th and remain intense until after Thanksgiving:  ambition, government regulations and the heads of government, leadership, self-sufficiency, patriarchal issues around control, the pursuit of power at all cost, and in this case, failure to address and adapt to the harsh environment and its causes that are becoming an ever-greater threat. Added to the mix is the Neptune station that starts coming into orb on the 29th.  We may be confused (Neptune) about what’s actually happening in these Capricorn-ruled areas. The station is also a call to include a spiritual (Neptune) approach to those issues, including more compassion for and action on behalf of those who are suffering. As the Dalai Lama once said, “The 21st century will be spiritual, or it will not be.”

If you’re eligible to vote, please vote in the U.S. mid-term elections! If you’re not, please register to vote if you possibly can, the earlier the better.

Jodie Forrest
"Life is a journey; astrology helps you read your map."

copyright 2018 Jodie Forrest.

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