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Stardate, October 1st 2018 with Jodie Forrest

Stardate, Virgo October 2018, Sun Signs.

Libra: A spiritual teacher who shall remain nameless once said that many people divide humanity into three groups: The Sexually Desirable, The Competition, and The Irrelevant. Continue Reading:

Scorpio: You need time to daydream, meditate, and use your imagination. To do lots of “looking” before a leap later in the month. Continue Reading:

Sagittarius: No one is an island, to paraphrase John Donne. Explore your favorite communities or some interesting new ones this month, Sadge, especially if they’re gracious, curious, upbeat, and forthright (so you don’t have to be Appropriate all the time). Continue Reading:

Capricorn: What seems to be a reversal, an about-face or a kerfuffle, in public, in your career or about your reputation—may or may not be one after all. It’s wise to review your own part in any misunderstanding; Continue Reading:

Aquarius: The writer Ana├»s Nin once said, “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” Courage isn’t the absence of fear; Continue Reading:

Pisces: You can go deeper. Into your consciousness, into your psyche, into your passion, into figuring out what you believe. Continue Reading"

Aries: Thomas Dolby’s cover of I Scare Myself, by Dan Hicks. Your relationship with a mate, friend or partner is in focus, although it’s probably with the former. Continue Reading:

Taurus: Can you hear me over all the requests for your time, skills or assistance? I hope so, because not all of them should be your responsibility. Continue Reading:

Gemini: Remember having fun, Gemini? Making glorious messes in the kitchen or the studio or on the dance floor? Getting so caught up in a book or conversation that the hours evaporated? Continue Reading:

Cancer: I hope you have your own comfy hobbit hole, Cancer, because you’ll feel like spending some time there this month. Continue Reading:

Leo: You might be in for a surprise at work, or in some other relatively public area of your life. What is it? I wish I knew, Leo! Continue Reading:

Virgo: I suspect you’re very busy this month. If it’s doing something you love and at which you’re skilled, that’s probably a good thing. Continue Reading:

Jodie Forrest
" Life is a journey; astrology helps you read your map."

STARDATE, JUNE 2018: Sun Signs

STARDATE, JUNE 2018: Sun Signs

New Moon: Jun 13, 23 degrees Gemini, 12:43 pm PDT
Full Moon: Jun 27, 7 degrees Cancer (Sun); 7 degrees Capricorn (Moon), 9:53 pm PDT
Summer solstice: Sun enters Cancer, Jun 21, 3:47 am PDT
Mercury enters Cancer: Jun 12, 1:00 pm PDT
Venus enters Leo: Jun 13, 2:54 pm PDT
Mars stationary retrograde: Jun 26, 2:05 pm PDT, 9 degrees Aquarius
Neptune stationary retrograde: Jun 18, 4:27 pm PDT, 17 degrees Pisces

Gemini: Boredom is as depleting to you as kryptonite is to Superman, so avoid it and don’t curb your enthusiasm for the first three weeks of June! Tap into all that abundant solar energy illuminating your sign: Go forth and collect as many fascinating experiences and conversations as you possibly can. Send your mind on a marathon learning spree that should leave you wondering about some intriguing new questions. Around the 12th and 13th, your heart should start to direct that learning spree as least as much as your mind does. Journaling or creative writing then can provide both insights and pleasure. If your responsibilities have been fruitful and multiplied a bit too much and work has left you feeling overwhelmed for a few weeks, consider why. Hint: You may be confused about why, and it may take you a while to figure it out completely, so take your time. Don’t burn any bridges this month, carefully investigate any glamour-job offers, and protect your right to think for yourself. What sort of work inspires you the most? That’s where to aim.

Cancer: As if you’re a space traveler emerging from hibernation after a long galactic journey, you’ll feel more energy and alertness after the solstice on the 21st. During that induced sleep, you might have had a nightmare or two. If they were about interpersonal conflicts, take a deep breath and negotiate around the 26th-27th. Listen carefully to all opposing opinions. You may not agree, but try to operate with the attitude that the other person is just as ensouled and struggling as you are, regardless of what you think of his or her point of view. If you can work through your differences with respect, and perhaps with some gentle humor if appropriate, you may end up feeling proud about your growing ability to be diplomatic. Not only that, you could  also forge a bond with an invaluable “devil’s advocate” and sounding board for the future. As Gandhi once said, “The ally we must cultivate is the part of our enemy that knows the truth.”

Leo: Okay, here’s the skinny. The future? Think about where you want to be in five years, or ten, or fifteen, about who else wants to be there too, and how you can help one another. Communication? Your intuition’s strong this month, and so are your subjectivity and imagination, so make sure you’re working with the facts. Work? Be realistic, plan ahead, watch your back, and be yourself—nobody else can. Friends and lovers? “Good fences make good neighbors”; paradoxically, we need healthy boundaries to form healthy relationships, and sometimes those boundaries need maintenance. What’s the point of doing all that processing? Passion. It’s worth it. Nothing kills a bond faster than stifled anger. Where’s the joy this month? Creativity and personal time: at home, with family, soul-family, or both.

Virgo: A yellow light, not a stoplight, shines on your relating road this month. Proceed with caution. Strive to see your partners, consultants or clients as clearly as possible, and consider getting second opinions about them from grounded people whose perceptions you have reason to trust. At work, don’t let your boss or colleagues pressure or sweet-talk you into doing anything that feels contrary to your basic nature, sticks in your craw, or rubs you the wrong way. If you go on blind dates or otherwise meet some new people, make sure they bring integrity and depth to the table—in other words, they should get real or go home. Quiet time with a dear and silly friend, a creative retreat, or a rollicking good novel could all be restorative.

Libra: Love, Art, and Balance will always be your guiding stars, but guess what? A few comets are visiting Planet Libra, and they bear suggestions. First, have some fun with the most irreverent and dynamic person you know. If you stand your ground with him or her, you can learn a lot about how to be assertive and playful at the same time. Second, try questioning everything you believe this month, and learn something you didn’t know before. Third, weigh the time you give to your public, outer life (vocation or avocation, reputation, etc.) versus the time you devote to your private life (home, personal life, family, “down time”). Do the two areas need rebalancing? Finally, not all relating is one on one! Who are your natural tribe or tribes? You may have more than one. Hanging out with them will both charge your batteries and recalibrate your compass for the future.

Scorpio: You’re facing some stress, challenges, or anger in your personal life. Where? Most likely they’re in your home, your family, your passionate quest for self-knowledge, or all three areas. This month, your best strategy for dealing with these issues probably doesn’t come naturally to you. What is it? Striving for enough detachment and analytical objectivity, possibly about a new tie, to help you keep your cool and say only what you need to say to process an issue, no more and no less. After the 13th is a better time than before to speak your mind. Avoid exaggeration, sarcasm, self-righteousness, or any stinging, accurate but ultimately irrelevant insights. Keeping the matter as private as possible could be helpful and avoid ruffling some feathers, including yours, perhaps. You may not achieve resolution, but if you open a dialog, you’ll have passed a test with flying colors.

Sagittarius: Late May’s spotlight on relating continues. Words to heed from your significant other:
* “One or both of us needs a break here. Let’s just relax for the weekend and talk about it again after Monday.”
* “I don’t think you heard what I actually said.”
* “We need to look at your (my) family more realistically.”
Words to challenge:
* “You’ve got nothing to complain about.”
* “You don’t seem to have any feelings about this.”

Capricorn: Any approval, recognition, or intriguing new contacts coming your way during the past several months have probably felt wonderful, but don’t let your calendar become so full that it explodes. You’ll be working hard to maintain your progress for approximately two more years, so wise up and pace yourself: you aren’t a machine, and your energy isn’t an infinitely renewable resource. If your intimates ask to see more of you later in the month, agree and participate without resentment. You may be surprised at how restorative and pleasant some quality time with friends or lovers can be just now.

Aquarius: The focus shifts to your responsibilities, but following directions is seldom your strong suit. Think about this: Not all leaders are dictators; they can inspire, inform, train, mentor and respect others. Not all authority figures are ill-intentioned; sometimes they’re devoted to fostering the greater good for the greatest number of people as possible. And this month, you may find yourself one of ‘em, Boss. Stressful though that unaccustomed role may feel to you, don’t have an identity crisis. Stand your ground and start scheming instead. By mid-month, it’ll be easier to sweet-talk others. Whom can you encourage or charm into moving in a better direction? Where can you help instigate some welcome reforms? Humor and tolerant insight are your sword and shield here.

Pisces: Over the past several years, the ongoing subtext with you is a long but gradual opening to your deepest self, a softening, a growing awareness of the presence of the Infinite or the Mystery in our lives. You’re about halfway through a process of exploring your sensitivity, imagination and compassion without retreating into passivity or numbness. This month, I have two suggestions for you. One: don’t let this awakening unnerve you. You can do it, and no one else has to understand or approve. Two: have some fun! It’s not incompatible with soul-searching, which can be overdone. When have you laughed the hardest? What were you doing then? Never mind being sophisticated: What’s plastered the biggest and goofiest grins on your face? Your guardian angels want you to have another few servings of that and remember what it feels like.

Aries: I forget who said, “Action precedes motivation.” It’s a good motto for you this month, Aries. You’re good at staying busy, but that’s not what we’re talking about. Where do you want to go next in life? What path toward your future seems the most exciting; which road carries the most charge? Try these two things. One: feel your way through your goals; let your mind walk ahead of you down those paths. This isn’t just about thinking, however. Two: take some baby steps thataway. Get your toes wet, if not your feet. Take some chances. Think of it as experiential learning. Trying out the options that cross your mind, no matter how fleetingly, will help you decide which ones attract you the most.

Taurus: You’ve just embarked on a seven-year journey toward being more completely yourself, while remaining a pleasant, laid-back member of the human family. Accompanying you on the first leg of your trip is Jupiter in Scorpio, promoting a bit more analysis of yourself and others than is usual for you, to help you figure out where and perhaps why you haven’t been fully yourself. Psychological insight brought by Jupiter can be affirming, a tonic, encouraging; growth doesn’t always hurt. By the solstice, prepare to enjoy less self-questioning, more realizations, and the start of integrating them at an emotional level as well as an intellectual one. Stress at work may relate to your feeling either restricted, out of place, drained or overextended there. A warm private life with trusted people can alleviate some of that stress, but don’t hesitate to stand up for yourself and set boundaries if necessary. Your sanity’s worth it.

April 2018 Stardate

Stardate: April 2018

Aries: You really aren’t a perpetual motion machine, although you may feel like one lately, especially if you were born on or before April 5th. This is a popcorn popper of a month for you, and a strong response to its challenges can leave you proud of yourself. You may need to set healthy boundaries around the 2nd especially at work, or anywhere else that puts you in the public eye or involves authority figures. Without those boundaries in place, you may be fuming around the 15th, especially if you feel that your independence is being threatened. Keep your temper, because a difficult situation may come to a head around the 17th and require realism and grounded effort from you, part of which is verifying important details. Near the 22nd, some soul-searching may be in order, but don’t accept any blame, guilt or responsibility that isn’t yours.

Taurus: Has it felt as though Life equals Stress and Responsibility lately? Then how about an experiment? At least until the 24th, practice as many random acts of kindness and beauty as you possibly can, particularly on the 17th and the 22nd . If you think you can do this all month, go for it, but tell no one what you’re up to. Pay attention to how being a generator of good vibes makes you feel, and notice who notices you being a stealth Samaritan. People who perceive and appreciate what you’re doing, especially late in the month, are good bets for a deep friendship or something closer. Arrange for some quiet time around the 15th and reflect on what you’ve learned from the experiment so far. The chores and the challenges won’t have disappeared, but there’s an excellent chance that your attitude and self-esteem will have improved.

Gemini: Remember the lesson about Boggarts in the Harry Potter novels? (Haven’t read them? Trust me and check them out of the library.) Boggarts emerge from a closet and immediately take the form of what you most fear. I don’t know exactly what that is in your case, but lately you or your mate may be facing some serious emotional intensity or major life transitions. Something’s ending; something else is arriving, and none of it’s simple. Since you can’t attend a Defense Against the Dark Arts course at Hogwarts (you’ll know what I mean if you went to the library), allow me to teach you a Boggart-defeating technique. Look it square in the face, say “Ridiculous!” and imagine the Boggart turning into something hilarious. If you find that difficult, then ask your silliest friend to help you visualize how Woody Allen might film your scary situation. (Check out Annie Hall, too.) Laughter shrinks those Boggarts down to size. So do minor self-indulgences, unstructured time, and good self-care. Reassess your plans around the 15th, with an eye to shedding goals and tasks that aren’t rightfully yours.

Cancer: A close friend or a partner may have had a rough row to hoe recently, along with sobering realizations around the 2nd, 17th or 22nd. You can’t fix everything for him or her. You can, however, be present and listen. Never underestimate the healing power of being fully seen and heard. You aren’t his or her only friend, so avoid burnout by getting some allies on board about providing company and confidants. Meanwhile, it’s high time to claim what you want at work or to establish your niche there. No one else can do that for you, although you might have help. You may appear controversial, puzzling, or wrong while you’re at it, particularly around the 15th, but so what? It’s your life, your job, and your reputation. Don’t be afraid to innovate, nor to take some time off after the 24th to recharge your batteries.

Leo: How do you get on with your extended family? Here’s some pleasant news: April’s a fine month to soothe or sweeten those relationships if you can listen well, stand your ground, stay in the present, and avoid knee-jerk reactions about assigning or accepting blame. If everything’s copacetic in your family tree, then April’s a good month to enjoy that blessed situation. Work’s taking a lot of time and effort and can be challenging or full of learning curves, but your relationships there can improve, too, if you’re realistic, forthright and remember your own worth while you negotiate and compromise. As my grandmother used to say, you’ll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Around the 15th, an unexpected event may challenge your world view. Stay open-minded but think for yourself; you don’t need a guru.

Virgo: If you do something creative, please dive into it this month with all the passion, energy and commitment you can muster. You’ll learn a lot and may have some breakthroughs or expand your audience, even if it feels as though you’re stuck sometimes. If you’ve met someone new, however, please don’t let yourself become so dazzled that you leap before you look. It’s better to explore a possible relationship with caution, realism, good boundaries, and a certain amount of suspicion. What does that mean? Ask yourself what could be wrong with this person. Maybe nothing! He or she could be as kind, compassionate and intuitive as your first impressions told you. But do keep your eyes peeled and ask lots of probing questions. If you feel crowded or sense any attempts to manipulate or control you, then respect your gut’s reactions rather than making light of them. Take your time. More could be revealed around the 15th, 17th or 22nd.

Libra: Your inner life wants more attention, even though it may be hard to take time to listen. However, you do have to sleep, and your “dream-maker” may send you messages then. If you’ve ever thought about keeping a dream journal, now’s the time. Don’t remember any? Before you fall asleep, tell yourself that you want to recall your dreams, and put paper, a pen, and a flashlight on your bedside table. As soon as you wake up, even if it’s the middle of the night—that’s why you have a flashlight—write down anything you remember. If you’re serious and persistent, you’ll recall more and more, particularly around the 2nd, 17th and 22nd. What might your “dream-maker” want to talk about? The most likely subjects include something about your childhood, your self-esteem, or your important relationships. Examine your early life and work on your self-confidence. Around the 15th,  observe your mate’s behavior. Is he or she pulling away? Are you? How can you be more yourself with this person?

Scorpio: Meet the foot on the accelerator: Jupiter in Scorpio since last October correlates with opportunities for increased self-confidence, recognition that you might have sold yourself short in the past, and a personal Renaissance. However, if these buoyant feelings go to your head, you might start acting bulletproof. Now meet the feet on the brakes: Since December, you’ve needed to communicate clearly, thoroughly, in a way that commands respect, and without boasting or exaggeration. Since mid-March, you’ve also needed to be assertive. How to handle all these energies at once? Practice! And know the difference between internal and external communication. One: If pep talks aren’t part of your inner monologue, then learn to give them to yourself. Your closest friends can help. Two: With the outside world, dot every I and cross every T, with dignity, and stick to the facts. Three: Speak up if you feel threatened, silenced, or angry, particularly around the 2nd or 22nd . If you heeded Step Two, you’ll have records or witnesses for backup. A test of these lessons in self-confidence, attention to detail, and speaking your truth may appear around the 29th.

Sagittarius: Money may be on your mind more than usual lately, especially around the 2nd. Whether you’ll lose it, how you can obtain it, how best to spend it, and do you deserve it? Don’t let that preoccupation or any other fears stop you from enjoying a new adventure, if one calls to you near the 15th. Yes, you can! Feel the fear and do it anyway; that’s the spirit. In general, interesting experiences can enrich you Sadgemos and widen your horizons more than money can. Should you find co-workers willing to fill in for you if you’re away, make sure you reciprocate if they need a favor from you at month’s end. Another suggestion for late April: Recharge your batteries still more with a long, lively conversation with your most fascinating friend, new, old, or somewhere in between.

Capricorn: Here’s the paradox. You probably feel like Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice in Fantasia, as if you’ve set ill-conceived plans in motion that are running away with you or collapsing around your ears. But you’re actually performing miracles of organization, strategic prioritizing, persistence, and solid accomplishment. Let yourself take that in, please? Around the 15th, someone you live with or a family member may chafe at the pace you’ve been keeping. They’re not trying to hold you back, just expressing a desire for your company. The more they feel that you’ve been neglecting your personal life (and theirs), the more loudly they may express themselves. Don’t automatically go on the defensive; hear them out calmly. A warm relationship and time spent with congenial friends can significantly improve your quality of life, health, outlook and, yes, productivity. An April weekend spent camping or doing something else you enjoy will do you more good than cramming one more meeting into your schedule.

Aquarius: Sometimes spiritual or personal growth feels wonderful, magical, or uplifting. Other times, it arrives in the form of a shock, a loss or a misstep that makes us question ourselves. And sometimes it’s scary. Around the 15th, don’t say or agree to anything that feels inauthentic to your deepest Self. Don’t assert yourself or pick a fight just for the hell of it, either. Speak your mind; speak your heart; speak your gut. It may give you a bumpier ride for a while than just keeping your mouth shut would have provided you. But in the long run, having the courage, maturity and honesty to communicate from your core is post-doctoral soul work for you, and you can do an important chunk of it this month.

Pisces: You’re halfway through the soul’s journey you began in 2011 and will complete in 2025. It’s a long, slow journey intended to transform you, to help dissolve the hold of your old habits, wounds, or perhaps karma upon you. What will remain, if you’re receptive to this process? A more compassionate, imaginative, and intuitive you, who took one step away from your illusions and one step closer to your mystical core. That doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Nevertheless, this month you may feel stressed, anxious or despondent about your future. These emotions may follow the 15th’s new Moon, which assigns you an essay question: What do you value the most? If it’s external—looks, strength, money—then your anxiety’s understandable, since we’ll all lose those things before we die. But if what you value most is preserving the planet for future generations, or if what you most treasure is tolerance, or peace, then the knowledge that you’ve upheld those values cannot be taken from you.

MARCH 2018 Sundate

March 2018 Stardate
© 2018, Jodie Tighe, all rights reserved. Full moon the 1st or 2nd?

PISCES: The 1st’s full Moon may leave you wondering what changeling some alien ship brought who looks just like your Significant Other or your buddy, but who unaccountably no longer speaks English. Life can imitate Art: In the 2016 film, The Arrival, a linguist tries to make contact with newly landed, squid-like aliens through a transparent but solid wall, with their side of it full of swirling mist. The linguist doesn’t panic when the aliens slap their tentacles against the wall; she just mimics the gesture from her side. When they squirt something dark and inky into the mist, she doesn’t immediately assume it’s a threat. Despite an extremely weird and disorienting start, communication is eventually established. Imitate the linguist: Remain calm, assume nothing, don’t get on your soap-box, and interact however you can: reflective listening, telepathy, smoke signals . . . Your intuition’s at an all-time high; let it help you. Dispelling any communicative fog will lead to more clarity about compromises that help meet both party’s needs. Nevertheless, after the 22nd and until mid-April, quadruple-check every detail, appointment, ticket, chunk of fine print, etc., which you or others could possibly have misunderstood.

ARIES: At this point in your life, you’ve probably realized that the Angel of Assertiveness Training is always hopping up and down beside you and yelling, “Your toes ‘bout to be stepped on! Come on over here and take care of yourself!” It can take longer to realize that the Devil of Assertiveness Training is always hopping up and down in the exact same place, yelling the same thing, and sometimes adding “Fight! Maim! Kill!” What are they saying this month? That you may need to set boundaries with an authority figure who treats you like a machine with no need of sleep or food. Or you may need to face fears or take risks related to becoming more widely known, visible, or controversial, without having any meltdowns. Confused? Look at your calendar and think carefully about how you felt on the 1st, when the full Moon illuminated any tension between how much time you spend dealing with responsibilities and tasks, versus how much you spend engaged in inner work or personal growth.

TAURUS: In one corner: your sweet, accommodating self is backed against the ropes and feeling overwhelmed with plans, agendas and schedules. From the opposite corner, fun, creativity, play, or new companions all beckon. They’re not trying to beat you up or knock you down; they just want you to spend some more time with them. The 1st’s full Moon may leave you wondering how to be your own referee. Ask yourself two questions. One: What are your most cherished goals and projects? Not all of those agendas pounding at you are actually yours . . . Two: What type of playful or creative time makes you feel most alive? Aim for a comfortable balance of quality time spent in both areas, but remember that we have differing needs for community involvement versus creativity and play. You may need to compromise, but don’t let disapproval, criticism, or lack of understanding from either your committee members or your new buddies block you from making progress in the direction that feels best to you. Hint: longtime intimates may have lots of perspective and enthusiasm to offer, and help you see more possibilities. Be careful, however, that they don’t have a track record of promising more than they deliver.

GEMINI: I hope you can hear me over that pounding in your house. In case you still can’t see some of them, it’s the skeletons in your closet or basement or under your bed who’ve been making all that racket. They got louder last December, and the volume goes up another notch by the middle of the month. Who are they? Usually, some habit or attitude installed in your psyche by your Family System, large or small. Sometimes, they’re a difficult event or transition or feeling that you haven’t fully processed. This month, a cosmic Ghost Hunter, in the form of the 1st’s full Moon, can give you some help with the boney critters. You might understand a family conflict in a different, more wholistic way, or from someone else’s perspective. You might see more about how your family interacted with the wider world, or how your parents treated each other. Perhaps another skeleton or a  secret will come to light. It may not be pretty, but facing it will help you grow. Accept new insights calmly and without beating yourself up, and you might be pleasantly surprised by fewer feelings of guilt or shame, or by an improvement in your health, energy, or peace of mind.

CANCER: Did your fairy prince or princess turn into a frog? Has a controlling, demanding, or hostile person appeared in your life? Don’t panic. Although you may want to crawl deep inside yourself and observe the anomaly for a while, come back out as soon as you can. You have some on-the-record communicating to do, possibly about your ideals, values, or beliefs, and where you don’t want them trampled or compromised. Or about your need for more freedom, more time, or more experiences. Don’t hide and wait for someone else to start these conversations: You have some communicating to do. With passion, nerve-wracking honesty, directness, wisdom, common sense, and the resolution to stand your ground without bullying or being bullied. Sound like a tough order? It’s worth it. Through this sort of dialog, you’ll learn if the other person has the amount of depth, insight, maturity, realism, courage, and anger-management skills that you deserve in a relationship. You’ll also learn more about the importance of bringing those qualities to the table yourself.

LEO: No, you’re not perfect. Yes, you’ve acquired some scars along whatever roads you’ve taken. We all have, and some faults, too, and sometimes we get the blues. Accepting yourself as you are, accepting that you’re human, accepting that your goal is to feel happy and whole within yourself, not strive for some arbitrary, external ideal of unchanging perfection—that’s all part of the basic groundwork for Leo sanity. Your need to maintain that firm foundation may be very apparent to you this month, especially around the 1st’s full Moon. Don’t let close connections undermine your self-esteem, or sap your energy if they’re ungrounded. Spend time with intimates who both see what you could be and love you as you are. Make a list of all the ways you’ve grown since your teens, and all the people you’ve helped since then. Chances are that those are two mighty long lists. Revisit them any time you feel your self-confidence slipping. Time alone is more restorative for you than usual these days, so make sure your schedule doesn’t get overloaded.

VIRGO: The 1st’s new Moon speaks to your relationships with your intimates: your  lovers, partners, close friends, and confidantes. Good To Know: You may find yourself with a current or potential significant other who’s wandering around in some sort of a funk or a fog, or is otherwise not fully present. Or one who’s unusually intuitive, gentle, or fanciful. Or both, and they may or may not be the same person. You may find yourself wanting some significant communication with him or her. If he’s lost in something like composing, meditating, reading or painting, you’ll have more success than if he’s in a substance-induced altered state, lives online, or is binge-watching something. In either case, don’t let him evade an important conversation. Make sure to let any new relationship develop slowly; meanwhile, observe whether this person explores his inner life or would rather numb or ignore it, and whether he takes responsibility for himself. Bonus: Someone who’s expressing this energy in a healthy way can be more unpredictable fun than a litter of kittens.

LIBRA: Wherever you are, you prefer calm waters and a tranquil horizon: at home, work, or the dentist’s office. Your private life, however, whether it takes place in your apartment or between your ears, could be smoother sailing lately. You’ll need to keep exploring, restructuring, and now, starting mid-month, protecting that private life when, like Clint Eastwood cleaning up the town in a spaghetti Western, Mars arrives at the door of your astrological house of home and roots—and you have to let him in. He’ll start from the ground floor up: home and roots. Hint: That can include your taking enough time off to be able to hear yourself think when you need to, and being direct with relatives or housemates if you don’t like their attitudes. Don’t let anything simmer. Meanwhile, an epiphany’s waiting to happen at work, where you may need to be patient with someone you may have privately regarded as a nitpicker or a critic. Try to see his or her point of view without letting yourself or your co-workers feel victimized. You prefer fairness, too.

SCORPIO: Since October, the Flying Fickle Finger of Fate, a.k.a. Jupiter, the Greco-Roman world’s King of the Gods, has been dropping good things in your path. Jupiter’s the personification of hope, faith, benevolence, and what makes life  meaningful. You’ve felt some mellowness that can be a welcome balm for intensity in your immediate environment lately. Let that balm cheer you and guide your actions until late this year. This is a season of forgiveness and renewal for you, of seeing possibilities for growth and self-confidence that you may have overlooked before. Think carefully about what opportunities might have appeared 12 years ago, the last time Jupiter transited Scorpio. Do you see any parallels with today? The 1st’s new Moon illuminates any tension between your schedule, goals, and “tribes,” and your precious unstructured time, which is infinitely worth protecting. Consider the fact that all adult mammals play. Dogs, cats, horses, dolphins: all adult mammals. Playing is necessary for our health and well-being. Don’t forget how! You may need to defend your right to unstructured time off. Do so as strategically as possible, with an eye to long-term resolution of conflicts. Don’t win a battle and lose the war at the same time.

SAGITTARIUS: Since about 2008, you’ve learned a lot about what adds to or subtracts from your sense of self-worth. You may or may not have included events from your childhood in your analysis. If you haven’t, now’s the time to add those events to the mix. The 1st’s full Moon left you aware of the need to balance time spent at home or in deep contemplation, with time spent at work or in the public eye. It may also have made you more aware of the needs of your job versus those of your family, or of any significant differences between your parents. How does any of the above affect your self-esteem? That, my friend, is your question this month. Listen carefully for any negative voices in your inner monologue—how you talk to yourself each and every day, and what you say—and ponder what the negativity’s sources might be. If those voices remind you of anything that your parents or family said, either out loud or with their behavior, it’s time to let go of their opinions, particularly any hostile, angry, or passive-aggressive ones. Also beware of any critical messages you received about your natural curiosity and inclusiveness. Those traits will always help you. Remember that you’ve arrived here embodying the archetype, among others, of the Explorer or the Anthropologist or the Philosopher. The less that the unexamined world-view and assumptions of your childhood affect you today, the more freely you can explore, and the more you’ll grow.

CAPRICORN: Been feeling a bit raw, as if you were in psychotherapy with Darth Vader? The 1st’s full Moon can leave you examining what you believe, along with the accuracy of your perceptions. For about ten years, you’ve been questioning what you think you know about your basic nature, and how your psyche has affected your most important life choices. That’s a tall order. Remember that during deep self-examination, we often see our shadow, the darker side of our nature, before we see the rest. Remember, also, that you’re not just your faults, blind spots, wounds, or the uncivilized primate impulses we all have sometimes. The point is to observe them, not identify with them. This month you may discover some anger, too: yours or others’. About what? You may have weathered various forms of hostility over the years, some understandable, some seemingly inexplicable. Or you may have lived through “acts of God” that weren’t the fault of any human agency. You may have been a jerk sometimes, too. (We all have.) Whether the anger’s old or current, now’s the time to analyze why you or someone else felt threatened. It may not be fun, but it can definitely be both healing and energizing.

AQUARIUS: The 1st’s full Moon can highlight matters related to self-esteem, resources, your mate, or an icky bit of criticism. Self-worth is complex in your case, because your life’s journey probably hasn’t included many road stops where you received praise, admiration, or other warm fuzzies from the outside world. Better to look for affirmation from within, or from deep, compassionate, and imaginative friends who share some of your values and appreciate your visionary qualities. With that said, you may have something to work out this month with your mate, your shrink, or another person extremely close to you. If it’s criticism from someone who loves but doesn’t understand you, you may need to give reassurances while maintaining sovereignty over your own life—that’s non-negotiable for you. If it’s criticism from an intimate who does get you, listen carefully and discuss it. Perhaps you’re the party with a beef, instead? Consider whether the behavior you don’t like is intrinsic to that person, which means it’s not changeable. For example, an extravert can’t live an introvert’s quiet lifestyle for very long without developing cabin fever, nor can an introvert socialize every night without being overwhelmed by the need for peace and solitude. Compromise is the solution, and compromise is the child of honest and respectful negotiation.

February 2018 Stardate

Stardate:  February, 2018. Copyright Jodie Forrest, 2018, all rights reserved.

ARIES: Your Wounded Side’s been tugging your sleeve for a few years, probably whispering unsettling things you’ve never heard before. Listen, because your Wounded Side wants you to understand it better. That may be all you need to do—or some of your new comprehension may lead you to transform your life. In mid-December, your inner Wise Elder said: “Face your professional situation. Do you need a realistic, step-by-step plan to change it?” The 15th’s New Moon may bring insights about your goals, aided by the imaginative, humorous influence of planets entering Pisces on the 10th , 17th and 18th . Look for serious epiphanies and synchronicities dressed in funny clothes.

TAURUS: Been feeling a bit overwhelmed? Consider revising some of  your assumptions about the world. Where can you stick your toes outside your comfort zone? If “true believers” start bending your ear but you disagree, that’s your right, and you might need to disengage. Instead, look for rollicking, curious, good-natured people who don’t kid themselves. They understand psychological nuances, appreciate black humor, laugh at their own intensity, and can help your self-confidence. The 15th’s new Moon may acccompany opportunities connected to career or social standing. They may seem delightful, or extremely weird, or both. When you first wake up, ask your gut which one’s right for you.

GEMINI: You’ve lived hard by your deep Self for several years, as insights and skeletons appear from your personal Underworld. Don’t ignore them. They’re part of you. Ask your biggest fear, your worst wound, and what you most dislike about yourself what they want to tell you, and what they’d like to ask. Consult your inner Wise Elder: If you can do something about this pain, do. Otherwise, treat yourself gently; stay grounded, and try forgiving and releasing. That’s not dismissing your hurt. It’s not living in the past, when you need a fascinating life! The 15th’s new Moon may offer invigorating changes of scene.

CANCER: The next two years will bring many opportunities to understand your relationships better. The goal? Greater clarity. The allies? Realism. Observation. The foe? Wishful thinking. Plan some pleasant time with close friends and your partner. If you have zero fun, analyze why. Did someone, including you, not allot enough time or attention? Forget something important? Arrive late or never? Pay more attention to what people do than to what they say. See any patterns? The 15th’s new Moon may bring extra insights about your partner. Aim for reciprocity and mutual respect. If analysis consistently shows they’re lacking, say so. Calm assertiveness is a relating skill you’re developing.

LEO: You may have been measuring out your life in learning curves, particularly at work. If your job’s been eating your life and your energy, now’s a good time to start working smarter, not harder. Talk to your most efficient friend about that. Why? Your personal life wants more time, which may become very clear to you with the 15th’s new Moon. By “personal life” I don’t mean just your relationships, although your mate and friends may have strong opinions about that. You need more time for your inner life, too, for daydreaming, for your family, for curling up with a wicked good book, and maybe even hosting a party. 

VIRGO: Drowning in details lately? Sift through them for the important ones: opportunities to learn, interesting day trips, and the sort of deep conversations that can make you laugh and cry. You need some time off, even if it’s hard to come by or you love your job passionately. Write some free days into your calendar and protect them, with a little help from more laid-back friends if need be. Those days off are Sacred Space. Down time promotes creativity, inventiveness, breakthroughs, healing—and around the 15th, insights such as how to streamline your work load. However, none of that juicy stuff can pop into your head if you’re being too busy and important. 

LIBRA:  Something about your home, family or roots may be smarting a bit at the moment, and your partner may want either some space or some reassurance. Be patient, think about reverse-engineering the outcomes you want, and maintain whatever boundaries you need, including verbal ones. Think carefully before accepting responsibilities that shouldn’t be yours; you may over-empathize with others this month. Meanwhile, your creative life—and you need one, even if only for your own pleasure—can flower around the 15th’s new Moon. So could an interesting new or deepening relationship with someone who encourages your creative side.

SCORPIO:  Last October, you began a year of opportunities and renewed self-confidence. Relax and enjoy the charisma, but watch any tendency to be overbearing. Around the 15th, the focus is on your home, family, and private life, any of which may need more attention. Communicate very, very clearly about anything you’re writing or reading that involves them; don’t let neglected details trip you up. If your Weird Fairy Godmother appears and wants to rearrange your space, hear her out. Who says you can’t free up more square footage for guests by turning the master bedroom into the living room?

SAGITTARIUS: You’re building something. Construction started some years ago, and the pace stepped up recently. What is it? Solid reasons to believe in yourself: in your competence, street smarts, integrity, and ability to prioritize. Not the easiest project when you’ve been more aware of your faults since December—but knowing them helps you work with and around them. Rise to the challenge! The 15th’s new Moon illuminates your inner monologue, what you tell yourself every day. What accomplishments have made you the most proud of yourself? Use that new Moon to write down every single one you can remember, and keep reading over that list.

CAPRICORN: Your Shadow’s not only still sitting at your kitchen table; it’s also come a bit more into focus, rather than flooding the house 24/7. Now that you can see your Wounded Side more clearly, what do you do? Keep looking. Not all the time, but as much as you can. Learning how others work with their Wounded Sides might be helpful, especially in a small group. Groups with any goal that matches one of yours are good for you just now. Don’t be defensive, evasive or whitewash your history, and don’t demonize yourself. The 15th may trigger unexpected insights that can help you heal or make amends with what you can in your Shadow, and remain compassionate about the rest. 

AQUARIUS: Last month, you probably needed to compromise with other people. You’ve been processing early pain or misfortune, some of it beyond your control, learning a lot, and letting go of whatever you can. Don’t get so absorbed in that powerful inner cleansing that you overlook opportunities around career or public identity. You can step onto a larger stage now—if that’s what you want. The 15th’s new Moon is about not compromising yourself or your goals. It’s about acting on them. What role do you want to play on that stage? Choose who you are and who you must be. Choose from your soul.

PISCES: The lineup of planets in Pisces and the 15th’s new Moon can boost your intuition and imagination, and make your dreams so vivid that they feel even more like reality. Your dreams aren’t actually happening in the outer world, but that’s not where you are. You’re immersed in your dream and experience it just as if it were real. Your fears are like that, too. They’re not real, but you experience them as if they were. What frightens you? Recognition, vocation, and/or the future? Make practical plans, then carry them out. Procrastination is mostly about fear. As someone once said, “Action precedes motivation.” And motivation is an excellent fear-chaser!