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Life is a journey; astrology helps you read your map.

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17 January 2017

Other Types of Astrological Work

OTHER TYPES OF READINGS:  available in English or French, and recorded either in person, via telephone or Skype.
* Thematic work:  $120.00 an hour, with a half-hour minimum. Usually done after a birth chart analysis. What does your chart indicate you need in relationships? What sorts of work would suit you, or should you avoid? How would this individual fit into your business? What other areas of your life would you like to examine from an astrological perspective?

*Astrocartography/local space/relocation:   Want to see how a move to another part of the country (astrocartography and local space) or  to a specific city (astrocartography and relocation) might affect your expression of your chart? How about picking a spot to go on vacation, or a new office location, or even some "astrological feng shui" about its decor (local space)? These powerful astro-mapping techniques can provide a lot of insight. $120.00 an hour, with a half hour minimum.

Event Planning With Astrology

Timing is important. 

When should you start this trip, apply for that job, get married, put your house up for sale, etc.? Any event that you can schedule can have its beginning astrologically chosen or "elected" in order to give it a good "birthchart."
I'll need to know:
* the type of event (putting a house on the market, getting married, etc.)
* the time frame within which you can schedule the event.
* where the event will take place (city and state or country)
* your birth data.
Fee:  $95.00 per electional time frame if paying by check sent to P.O. Box 1311, Ramona, CA 92065, or $100.00 if paying by Paypal 
 Option 1: Paypal $100.00 USD

For example, January through April of next year, on weekdays, and between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Or any day next month after 3:00 p.m., or this week between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m., etc. If you're willing to start your event at any time 24/7, I can find you a better chart than if your time frame is shorter. Have only one day available? I can also find the best time on your one day.

Please contact me at jodietighe @  for more information or with questions.

Relocation Astrology

For changes of residence or office, or for travel.Astrological Relocation Work uses three techniques: *Astro*carto*graphy (™Jim Lewis), local space maps, and "relocated" birthcharts 
Want to see how a move to another part of the U.S. or the world, or to a specific city, might affect your experience and expression of your birthchart? How about picking a spot to go on vacation, or a location for your new office, or even some "astrological feng shui" about its d├ęcor? These powerful astro-mapping techniques can provide a lot of insight.
Fees, payable in advance:
Questions about these or other types of readings? Please copy and paste my email address into the "to" line of your own email program, and close up the space before and after the @ symbol, to send me an email: jodietighe @

$120.00 an hour, with a half hour minimum, if paid by check.
$125.00 an hour, with a half hour minimum, if paid by Paypal.

Readings are available either in person, or via telephone or Skype, which is a free download and has no long distance call fees. I record the reading as .mp3 files, upload them to a secure site, and send only you information about how to download them.

This is an astro*carto*graphy world map 
for Nov. 20, 2014 at 7:22 p.m. EST, Washington, DC.

This is a local space map for the same chart data 
as the astro*carto*graphy map above.

Rectification: Deducing Your Birth Time

Here's the scoop about rectifying (deducing) birth times:

If you've exhausted all the possibilities for finding your birth time, and you've narrowed down the possible time frame as much as you can--found your birth certificate, looked for baby books or journals, asked all your relatives for any recollection of what they were doing when they heard you were born, etc., perhaps contacted the hospital or adoption agency when relevant--then the last step is rectification. I enjoy doing them; rectifications are like a great big astrological crossword puzzle. 

But there's also no guarantee I'll be accurate to the minute. The narrower the possible time frame within which you were born, the better chance I have of finding your accurate birth time. Please do all you can to narrow the time frame as long as you have reasonably concrete evidence to do so, such as a blurry birth certificate, more than one person's memories, or your mother's specific memory with a good reason to have remembered it. ("I'd just looked at the hospital clock, and it said 10:00 a.m. on the dot," for example, or, "I'd just heard the bell tower ring noon," etc.). Please don't use a pendulum, and please don't narrow the time frame without some evidence for doing so. If I don't have a wide enough time frame, you risk my not arriving at the right chart. That's because the patterns I'd be looking for might not exist within an inaccurate time frame. If you were born in or after about 1968 in the U.S., the time should be on your birth certificate, and it's often there even if you were born earlier than 1968. Do try to find your birth certificate, even if your mother or someone else is "sure" of the time. Mothers have been known to insist, "It was 7:10 in the morning," when your birth certificate says you weighed 7 pounds and 10 ounces, and the birth time recorded on the certificate is totally different! 

The website has a web page with the Department of Records or its equivalent agency in each U.S. state, and also a note about a website that *might* be helpful for overseas births. 

To do a rectification, I start by looking very closely at several possible charts equally spaced within your time frame, and seeing how accurately they would have reflected the placements of the planets on a list of extremely important dates in your life. To begin this process, I need at least two dozen dates, more if at all possible, of important events in your life. I need the events' dates to be just as precise as possible:  month, day, time and year if at all possible. If not, then month and year is better than season and year, and early or late in a month is better than just that month as a whole. 

Are you stuck? Maybe your spouse, aunt, sister, co-worker or neighbor has an excellent memory for dates. Maybe you kept your appointment books or your personal journals. Maybe some business or governmental or educational agency involved in the event has a record of it. As for what sort of events are important, I try not to "lead the witness" too much, because what's important to you can also give me clues about your birthchart. 

With that in mind, any of the following might or might not be important TO YOU:  entering or leaving school or work, beginnings and endings of significant relationships (friendships or love affairs), earning or losing a lot of money, work changes, including learning new work skills, highly creative times, outstanding personal achievement, deaths of significant others or family members or beloved pets, earning educational degrees or professional licenses, changing religions, meeting mentors or important teachers, entering psychotherapy, joining or leaving significant groups, etc. Don't try to find an event in each of those categories; just list events that were important to you. 

Exceptions to my not leading the witness:  please DO include:
1. parents', sibs', spouses' and children's birth dates, places and times, or just the birth dates if you know them.
2. any event that's both *unusual and significant to you personally*--for example, unexpectedly winning a lottery, accidents, injuries, illnesses or assaults, surviving a natural disaster, arrests, surgeries, struck by lightning, met your favorite musician or actor/actress or writer, had a feeling not to take a plane that crashed, a wonderful stray animal adopted you, you had a revelation in psychotherapy that changed your life, a fabulous vacation, you had a short story accepted for publication, etc... 
3. whenever you moved/relocated to a different physical address (where you sleep, rather than something like moving your office)

It's also helpful to have several photos of you at different ages. Feel free to scan and email them to me at jodie @, or to snailmail them to me at PO Box 1311, Ramona, CA 92065, and let me know if you want them returned. I ask for prepayment by check or money order, please, sent to PO Box 1311, Ramona, CA 92065, or by Paypal to jodietighe @ I'm not presently set up to take credit cards. 
For Paypal, please add $10.00 to the fees below, and thank you.

The fee schedule for rectification paid by check is: (please add $10.00 for Paypal.)
Within 7 hours: $475.00
Within 6 hours: $425.00
Within 5 hours: 375.00
Within 4 hours: 325.00
Within 3 hours: 275.00
Within 2 hours 225.00
Within 1 hour: 175.00
For time frames wider than seven hours, please ask if rectification is feasible in your case. Sometimes it is, depending on your individual birth data and on what you might know about the circumstances of your birth.

Horary Astrology: Working with Questions


Electionals choose when to do something, while horaries address the question of whether you should do it.  

Once I'm sure I understand the exact nature of your question, most yes/no, either/or, and either/or/or questions can be approached by the ancient techniques of horary astrology. 

Fee:  $95.00 per horary if paid by check sent to me at PO Box 1311, Ramona, CA 92065, or $100.00 if paid by paypal to jodie @ 

Horary techniques are complex, but if you like, I'll include an explanation of my findings by either email, phone or Skype. If you have some basic astrological knowledge (signs and their rulers, planets, houses, and the five major Ptolemaic aspects) you'll have zero trouble understanding (and if not, I'll do my best to explain). 

Please contact me at jodietighe @ for more information and to learn whether horary could be helpful in your case.

Jodie's Writing

    I've written the astrology book The Ascendant, and co-authored (with Steven Forrest), Skymates: The Astrology of Love, Sex and Intimacy, Skymates II: The Composite Chart, and three different computerized astrological "report writers" based on the last three books.
    I've written articles for most of the  major astrological magazines, including American Astrology, Aspects, Dell HOROSCOPE and The Mountain Astrologer. A recent one was about astrological "time twins" and published in the Nov./Dec. 2012 issue of the British Astrological Association's The Astrological Journal.  I had great fun writing the astrology column for SOUTH (a magazine), too, which is now out of print.
    I've edited and published the evolutionary astrology books Measuring the Night volumes I and II, by Steven Forrest and Jeffrey Wolf Green, Under One Sky by Rafael Nasser, and the Norse mythology book The Northern Path by Dag Rossman. I also edited any books published by Seven Paws Press before 2012.
  My Nordic-Celtic historical fantasy trilogy is set in late ninth-century Europe during the Viking Age, as well as in Elfland and Asgard. The first novel's title is The Rhymer and the Ravens.
  You can find the astrological reports on Ivillage and at my products link. For my books, please see the products link or go to
   If you're interested in a professional editing job of your non-fiction or fiction, I've published 16 books and have been the first reader/editor for a great many more, both in and outside of the astrology world. Some of the authors' names you would recognize. I love to edit and would be delighted to discuss your project with you and to provide references. Please email me at jodie @ for more information. Fee TBD, depending on the nature of the manuscript. 
  There's always another book of my own in the works. One in progress is The Naked Eye Planets, and there are at least two more that I'm pondering. We'll see which one wants to be written first. And another novel...
* Check this website for future links to my articles.

* If you're interested in having me write for your publication, please email me at jodietighe @

Full Astrology Chart Readings

* Birthchart Analysis (Full Life Reading): Where most people start either if they've never had a reading, or would like a new birth chart interpretation. Examines  your chart's themes, growth potentials and possible pitfalls that are applicable throughout your life, without a specific time frame. Usually precedes a transits and progressions or "current events" reading. I'll need your birth data as accurately as possible, preferably within about ten minutes.

* Transits and Progressions (Astrological Current Events in Your Birthchart): What section of your wandering road are you traveling right now? Examines the potentials and possible stumbling blocks for approximately two years before and two years after today's date. This reading can also look at any section of time, past, present or future, on which you'd like an astrological perspective.

* Synastry:  Astrological analysis of almost any relationship:  spouses, lovers, parent-child, co-workers, small teams, etc. No "ratings" or predictions are given here! This reading examines where you get along well and how to maximize those happy energies, and where you don't see eye-to-eye and would do well to try to understand one another better. A synastry reading also considers a third factor:  the composite chart formed by the two (or more) of you, the chart of the relationship itself. What your connection needs in order to grow is shown by the composite chart, just as what an individual needs to grow is shown by his or her birthchart. As well as their complete birth data, I'll need written permission from all parties involved in the synastry, please.

Each of the above readings can be done in English or French, is recorded as mp3 files, and lasts approximately two hours, although synastries may take longer. 

The fee, payable in advance, is $300.00 per reading if paid by check to Jodie Forrest, PO Box 1311, Ramona, CA 92065, or $310.00 if paid by Paypal to 

Readings are available either in person, or via telephone or Skype, which is a free download and has no long distance call fees. I record the reading as .mp3 files, upload them to a secure site, and send you (and only you) information about how to download them. 

Questions about these or other types of readings? Please copy and paste my email address, jodietighe  @, into the "to" line of your own email program, and close up the space before and after the @ symbol, to send me an email.

Want a less expensive alternative? Please click on this link to astrological products:  products, which include computerized reports covering birth charts, transits and progressions, and synastry (the astrology of relationships). Also available are my historical fantasy trilogy beginning with The Rhymer and the Ravens, astrology books including The Ascendant, and recordings of my astrology lectures and workshops.

Relocation Astrology
Horary Astrology
Electional Astrology: Choose a good date for an event.
Rectification: Deducing Your Birth Time
01 January 2017

Electional Astrology: Choose a good date for an event.

Electional Astrology: Choose a good date for an event.

Astrology can be used to help you pick a good day and time for any event. My clients have gotten electionals for, among other activities: getting married, starting a business, putting a house on the market, buying a house, taking a trip, interviewing job candidates, making an appointment or initiating a conversation that they wish to go well, starting classes, sending out job applications, advertising, having a family reunion, having a party, submitting a manuscript, having a book signing, opening an art exhibit, etc.

Remember: Electionals are for choosing WHEN to do something. Horary astrology is for deciding WHETHER to do something.)

To do an electional, I’ll need to know these parameters:
1. A range of dates within which you could do the action, for example, from March 1 to April 30 of this year or next year.
2. The days of the week on which you could do the action. For example, M-F? Saturday only? You tell me.
3. The hours of the day or night within which you could do the action; for example, between 9:00 a.m. and twelve noon. (If you can do something 24-7, which often is not the case, I can find you a better chart than if you have a limited time frame.)
4. The place—city and state or country—where the action will occur. If the action involves pressing a Submit or Send button on a computer, then I need to know where that computer and the person who will press Submit are physically.
It’s not required, but I’d like to have your birth data, too, so I can make sure that your charts work well with the electional chart.

Fees: Electionals are $95.00 apiece, which means one electional per set of parameters. If the parameters change, then that’s a second, subsequent electional.

Are you getting married? In the interests of saving yourself some time and money, please be as certain as you can about what all of your parameters are before you get a wedding electional done. Weddings are the events for which my clients most often end up getting more than one electional, because the parameters can change if you discover that an important guest can’t attend on the day we chose, or if the venue or the minister turn out not to be available on that day, etc.
01 October 2016

Astrology Classes, Lectures and Tutoring

UPCOMING:The State of the Art (SOTA) astrology conference, held in Cheektowaga, NY, this November 10-14, 2016, draws a big Canadian and American crowd, and attendees from further afield, too. 

It's a relaxed, friendly conference and I enjoyed my last time there very much. 

This November, I'm doing a pre-conference workshop at SOTA on "Stardate, 2017," and a lecture on "Jupiter and Saturn: The Reach and the Grasp.

I've given astrology lectures, workshops and classes in the U.S., Canada, England, Scotland and France, and have taught classes and tutored privately all over the world. 

I work in person or online.

References from my former students, who now have their own astrology practices, are available upon request. Don't be shy, ask me!