Stardate: July, 2017

Stardate: July, 2017. All times PDT. (Add 3 hours for EDT.)

The Moon:
Full, 7/8th, 18 Capricorn, 9:07 pm PDT (Sun: 18 Cancer) If you have planets here, you may need to make compromises related to that planet or related to the house that holds 18 degrees Cancer or Capricorn, and to a lesser extent, 18 degrees of Aries or Libra.
New, 7/23rd, 1 Leo, 2:45 am PDT. If you have planets at 1 Leo, there will be a lot of focus on that planet or in that house.
No eclipses

Good times to start an action or event that you want to finish well, based on both:
1. when the Moon is not void of course (VOC), and
2. when the last major aspect the Moon will make before it goes VOC is a traditionally “good” one: sextiles, trines, and most conjunctions.
Assume that if a date and time does not fall within the ones given below, it would be better to wait for a time that is within the dates and times below.
Much depends on how important the action or event is to you. I’d buy shoes or a book without paying attention to whether the Moon is good or not, but I would adopt a kitten, buy a computer or a car, book a flight, get married, or apply for a job, etc., only when the Moon is good.

7/2nd at 9:59 am to 7/4th at 6:34 pm
7/4th at 10:08 pm to 7/7th at 7:12 am
7/9th at 10:35 pm to 7/12th at 5:41 am
7/12th at 8:51 am to 7/14th at 10:01 am
7/14th at 4:52 pm to 7/16th at 7:19 pm
7/16th at 10:04 pm to 7/18th at 10:12 pm
7/19th at 12:31 am to 7/20th 10:41 pm
7/23rd at 1:34 am to 7/25th at 2:22 am. Note new Moon the 23rd at 1 Leo, 2:45 am.
7/29th at 5:23 pm to Jul 31st at 4:10 am

What does VOC mean? When the Moon will not make any more major aspects (conjunction, sextile, square, trine and opposition) to another planet before it leaves the sign it’s in and enters the next sign, it’s said to be void of course. The Moon rules events on  the Earth, as well as the tides and our emotions. Traditionally, in electional, horary and mundane astrology, actions begun during a VOC Moon tend not to finish the way you’d like them to, or to fail regardless of striving, and items bought may not be used much.

Planets’ ingresses (entrances) into a new sign:
Venus enters Gemini, 7/4th at 5:11 pm
Mercury enters Leo, 7/5th at 5:19 pm
Mars enters Leo, 7/20th at 5:19 am
Sun enters Leo, 7/22nd at 8:15 am
Mercury enters Virgo, 7/25th at 4:40 pm
Venus enters Cancer, 7/31st at 7:53 am

Planets within one degree orbs of being stationary (and therefore more powerful):
Orbs: up to 12 degrees if an outer planet is involved (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto)
Jupiter in mid-Libra, still stationary direct through 7/5th, while opposing Uranus and squaring Pluto & Mars
Saturn in the last third of Sagittarius, begins the orbs of a direct station 7/20th at 23 Sagittarius, while squaring Neptune and trining Uranus
Uranus in late Aries, still stationary retrograde through 8/4th,  while widely squaring Pluto
Neptune in mid-Pisces, still stationary retrograde through 8/20th, while squaring Saturn and sextiling Pluto

If you have natal planets in Libra, Jupiter’s benevolent influence can help renew, expand and bring hope to whatever part of your psyche that planet represents. Jupiter can also inflate that Libran planet and give it a temporary tendency to be over-confident. Ask for what you really want, but don’t demand it or assume you’re entitled to it. No planets in Libra? Our largest planet is influencing the circumstances ruled by whatever natal house or houses of yours contain the sign Libra.
Jupiter stays in Libra until Oct. 11th, when it enters Scorpio.

If you have natal planets in mid to late Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo or Pisces: Transiting Saturn, the Elder, the Lord of Maturity, of experience, realism, and responsibility, of self-sufficiency and the psyche’s “executive function,” is asking the part of your psyche represented by that natal planet, and how you operate in the circumstances of the house containing that planet, to “grow up” a bit. How?
1. Face reality around whatever that natal planet and house rule, no matter how hard that is to do or how much you want two and two to make five. Confused about that reality? Get second and third opinions from knowledgeable people whose opinions you respect.
2. If something needs to change in order for you to remain a self-respecting adult in this part of your life, then change it, one step at a time, working alone if necessary.
3. Practice your Saturn virtues and strengths—patience, realism, responsibility, self-sufficiency, organization, being pro-active, setting priorities wisely, and seeing things through—and apply them to analyzing your situation and changing it if necessary.

Also, those planets and/or houses in your chart are in a dialog with transiting Neptune, Lord of the Transpersonal Realms, Lord of Mysticism. Neptune is asking that planet and/or house to move one step away from a totally materialistic and atheistic view of life, and one step closer to a spiritual, empathic, compassionate, imaginative point of view. Neptune reduces the grip of the human ego and its illusions on whatever planet or house it’s affecting. How does that feel? It probably depends on how often you were approaching that part of your life with a selfish, venal or opportunistic attitude, and how attached you were to that approach. Sometimes we trip over our illusions before we let them go. You’re not losing yourself. You’re losing some things that obscured your vision of your true Self as part and parcel of this mysterious universe. Meditation always helps during Neptune transits. So does creativity. So does inner work of all kinds. Any psychic awareness you have may increase. If you ignore the Neptunian need to put the outer world on hold while you look within on a regular basis, you may feel foggy, confused or overwhelmed. Resist the urge to escape in less than healthy ways. Look for positive or harmless time-outs: a movie, a retreat, a Renaissance Fair, a novel you can’t put down, a painting group, etc.

If you have natal planets in the latter two-thirds of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn,
you’re feeling the Uranus-Pluto transiting square as a tense Grand Cross until about the 20th and/or the 22nd, when Mars (20th) and the Sun (22nd) enter Leo. When Mars and the Sun leave Cancer (to enter Leo), the Grand Cross becomes a T-square: Uranus in Aries opposes Jupiter in Libra, and the opposition is squared by Pluto in Capricorn. See my article “The Revolution Will Be Televised Tonight: The Uranus-Pluto Square on Prime Time TV,” elsewhere on this site (link) for more about the Uranus-Pluto square from May, 2007, through March, 2020.
Basically, whatever natal planet you have in the affected signs and degrees listed above is challenged by transiting Mars, your Inner Warrior and Protector, through the 20th. That natal planet or house needs to respond to the challenge courageously, energetically, and while maintaining good boundaries. Stand your ground. Turn fear into energy and firmness. Schedule an extra workout. Take the next steps to get what you want, without bullying anyone or letting yourself be bullied.
Whatever natal planet you have in the relevant degrees of Capricorn is in a Plutonian process of revelation and transformation. Revelation: You may experience “the dark side of the Force” of whatever natal planet or house lies within those degrees of Capricorn, something you might have been blind to before now. It may not be pretty. Cooperate with your healing, be gentle and patient with the newly glimpsed wounded parts of your psyche, and move forward.
Whatever natal planet you have in the relevant degrees of Aries, or where they lie in your house structure, is in an energized (Aries)  Uranian process of liberation and progress, of radical change into a more authentic form, of questioning authority (Capricorn rules authorities), striving for self-actualization, and perhaps longing for some sort of Utopian ideal. Be as completely yourself as you can . Resist oppression and unfairness. As Charles Bukowski wrote, “Your life is your life. Don’t let it be clubbed into dank submission.” On the other hand, not every authority is stupid, cruel or unjust. Some are helpful. Some are more informed, experienced or wise than you are. Find out the true nature of the authority or rule before you automatically resist it.