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STARDATE, JUNE 1st 2018:

STARDATE, JUNE 2018: Sun Signs

New Moon: Jun 13, 23 degrees Gemini, 12:43 pm PDT
Full Moon: Jun 27, 7 degrees Cancer (Sun); 7 degrees Capricorn (Moon), 9:53 pm PDT
Summer solstice: Sun enters Cancer, Jun 21, 3:47 am PDT
Mercury enters Cancer: Jun 12, 1:00 pm PDT
Venus enters Leo: Jun 13, 2:54 pm PDT
Mars stationary retrograde: Jun 26, 2:05 pm PDT, 9 degrees Aquarius
Neptune stationary retrograde: Jun 18, 4:27 pm PDT, 17 degrees Pisces

Jodie Forrest

Click to read about your astrology sign:

Gemini: Boredom is as depleting to you as kryptonite is to Superman, so avoid it and don’t curb your enthusiasm for the first three weeks of June! CONTINUE READING (HERE)

Cancer: As if you’re a space traveler emerging from hibernation after a long galactic journey, you’ll feel more energy and alertness after the solstice on the 21st. CONTINUE READING (HERE)

Leo: Okay, here’s the skinny. The future? Think about where you want to be in five years, or ten, or fifteen, about who else wants to be there too, and how you can help one another. CONTINUE READING (HERE)

Virgo: A yellow light, not a stoplight, shines on your relating road this month. Proceed with caution. CONTINUE READING (HERE)

Libra: Love, Art, and Balance will always be your guiding stars, but guess what? A few comets are visiting Planet Libra, and they bear suggestions. CONTINUE READING (HERE)

Scorpio: You’re facing some stress, challenges, or anger in your personal life. Where? Most likely they’re in your home, your family, your passionate quest for self-knowledge, or all three areas. CONTINUE READING (HERE)

Sagittarius: Late May’s spotlight on relating continues. Words to heed from your significant other:
* “One or both of us needs a break here. Let’s just relax for the weekend and talk about it again after Monday.” CONTINUE READING (HERE)

Capricorn: Any approval, recognition, or intriguing new contacts coming your way during the past several months have probably felt wonderful, but don’t let your calendar become so full that it explodes. CONTINUE READING (HERE)

Aquarius: The focus shifts to your responsibilities, but following directions is seldom your strong suit. Think about this: Not all leaders are dictators; they can inspire, inform, train, mentor and respect others. CONTINUE READING (HERE)

Pisces: Over the past several years, the ongoing subtext with you is a long but gradual opening to your deepest self, a softening, a growing awareness of the presence of the Infinite or the Mystery in our lives. CONTINUE READING (HERE)

Aries: I forget who said, “Action precedes motivation.” It’s a good motto for you this month, Aries. CONTINUE READING (HERE)

Taurus: You’ve just embarked on a seven-year journey toward being more completely yourself, while remaining a pleasant, laid-back member of the human family. CONTINUE READING (HERE)

Jodie Forrest