Astrology, IAA

 "I teach at the oldest all-online college of Astrology, IAA, the International Academy of Astrology. Check out our diploma and certificate programs and current schedule at, with many courses open to auditors. Scroll down the front page to see the changing roster of topics taught by our guest lecturers and "pocket course" instructors."

I don't know if we also want to add an announcement that's something like "Adapting to covid restrictions while meeting deadlines slowed us down in updating this website, but we'll be back soon." (that's a VERY rough draft!) What do you think? Too negative? Too lame? Etc.
Elon Musk is supposed to be hosting this weekend's Saturday Night Live. I don't know if I want to watch it or not.
Hope all's well with you,


Jodie Forrest, Education Director and Instructor
International Academy of Astrology