Astrology, Stardate 112122: Astrological Events.

The end of this year has some important astrological events, my friends. Let’s talk about them. (Planets’ positions are rounded up to the next degree, which is similar to the way that 2022 is in the 21st century, not the 20th.)
Jupiter turns direct at 29 Pisces, a sign which it rules and in which it therefore carries extra oomph and influence, on November 23rd, the day before Thanksgiving.

Our largest planet rules: benevolence, philanthropy, charitable giving and good will hope, faith, generosity and good humor higher learning, new experiences, travel: what widens our horizons openness to other cultures: appreciation of diversity and self-righteousness and fanaticism feelings of entitlement, self-importance overconfidence and imperiousness difficulty with commitments or restrictions.

We’ve felt the station increasing in power since Halloween, and we’ll feel it decreasing in power through Dec. 18th. It’s exact the day before Thanksgiving. If we focus on gratitude and good will toward everyone on that day, and on tolerance, seeing the best in others, and a willingness to let go of pettiness or resentments, then we should have a rather pleasant holiday.

We may, however, feel “entitled” to some extra pumpkin pie, so eat slowly.
Subjects to avoid at mealtime should probably include any subject about which you know or strongly suspect that your fellow diners disagree.

It’s an excellent time to help out at a soup kitchen, donate to food drives, and commit random acts of kindness—all Jupiterian in nature. Pay for the order of the car that’s behind you in line at the drive-through. Good will is contagious! Think about what you could do to help people less fortunate than you are, do as much as you can, and you’ll get a big dose of Jupiter’s upbeat energy.

And tell some jokes!
Laughter is contagious too, and very healing.

A retrograde transit of Mars began on Oct. 30 at 26 
Gemini. Mars continues its backwards movement through the zodiac until Jan. 12th, when it will station (stop) at 9 Gemini, then move forward again. 
 We’ll feel that station the most from Dec 31st through Jan. 25th. Whatever a planet rules tends to “run backwards” when it’s retrograde, to slow down or stall, or to need review or reconsideration. 

Mars rules our fight, flight or freeze mechanism: what we do when feeling threatened. 
It also rules drive, initiative, boundaries, assertiveness, desire, competition, and our energy level in general. 
If it malfunctions, Mars can be either a bully or a coward. Global conflicts—and there are many at any given time—may have been in some kind of holding pattern during this retrogradation, and related events may take place after Jan. 12th.

On a personal level, have you felt stalled somewhere? 
 Has it been more difficult to get things done, to move forward, or to point out where someone’s stepping on your toes?

Now is the time to think about those areas of your life, go on fact-finding missions and plan strategies.

After Jan. 12th is the time to act on them. 
Watch your temper from Dec. 31 to Jan. 25th and don’t overreact—you may be more inclined than usual to use a machete to swat a tiny mosquito.

As they say, just because you have a hammer doesn’t mean that everything is a nail.

Since Oct. 1, Neptune has slowly approached its station on Dec. 3rd at 23 Pisces, a sign which it rules, and after the station it turns direct.

We’ll keep feeling the extra power of that station through Feb. 2nd. 
Note that Jupiter and Neptune, which both rule Pisces, are both stationary and conjunct in late Pisces, and their stations overlap from Halloween through Dec. 18th.

Let’s look at some key phrases for Neptune:

☯ the part of our psyche that can become aware of transpersonal reality beyond our three-dimensional, time-bound daily lives—that can “feel the Force.”

☯ the part of the psyche which benefits from exploring our consciousness, spirit, soul or inner life—through meditation, contemplation, mysticism, compassion, imagination, creativity and/or psychic awareness

☯ the part of the psyche which has a drive to enter an altered state of awareness, preferably on purpose and without artificial inducements—and without losing our ability to function as a coherent personality in our outer lives and

☯ possible absent-mindedness, addictive or escapist tendencies if we aren’t doing regular inner work or entering purposeful altered states that clear our energy

☯ possible vulnerability to others’ pain and the pain of the world, feeling overwhelmed with everything our sensitivity allows us to experience

☯ drifting through life in a reactive state, rather than living pro-actively

Jupiter tends to expand whatever it touches – and it’s augmenting Neptune’s influence on us while these planets are conjoined, and especially when they’re conjoined and stationary.

If you meditate, do artwork, counsel people, or have a devotional practice, its benefits can expand under this influence—if you spend time at it.

I would suggest a form of meditation that includes positive visualizations of a more gentle, compassionate, fair and generous world. 

Let your affirmations or quiet time include forgiving others, letting go of rancor, and concentrating on seeing the good in people.

Everyone on Earth is a mixture of good and bad. 
Focus on what you want to see grow in yourself and your loved ones and on the planet. Donate to a charity, take a meditation class, get out your watercolors – and as they say,

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” (The Jupiter section above contains more ideas.)

Here’s a goal: During both of these stations, extend loving kindness, what the Buddha called bodhichitta, to everyone you encounter, without exception.

That’s a spiritual practice that will hold your feet to the fire like no other.

It’s also a spiritual practice whose energy and influence are boosted during these stations, which means that the practice can benefit us more, and probably means that it will be easier for you to attempt just now, too.

On Christmas Day, the beginning of the retrograde station of Mercury can be felt.

The exact station occurs on Dec. 29th at 25 Capricorn, conjoining Pluto, which is still in the orbs of the U.S. Pluto return.

(See the article elsewhere on this website.) Mercury is retrograde until Jan. 19th when it makes a direct station at 9 Capricorn, and we experience its retrograde effects through Jan. 23rd. During Mercury retrograde, it’s a good idea to double- or triple-check all important details.

Details of what?

Everything Mercury rules: communication, including writing, reading, teaching, learning, giving speeches, and the Internet; observation; research; travel, etc.

It’s wise not to buy a car, a computer, software, or airline or train tickets during Mercury retrograde, if you can avoid it.

Sometimes we can’t—just inform yourself fully, double-check everything, and have backups.

Astrology’s like a weather report.

If I need to go outside when it’s raining, I do—I just dress for the weather and bring an umbrella.

Don’t let difficult people rattle you if you can help it. 

Especially if you tend to have a sharp tongue, keep your sense of humor through the holidays and early in the New Year—everything’s easier if we can see a funny side to it.

Jodie Forrest 

Have a great Thanksgiving and be sure to check out my newest book: Solar Arcs: Directions from the Sun

copyright Jodie Forrest, 2022, all rights reserved