Astrology Courses for Beginners

☪  Are you new to astrology?
Have you discovered that there is more to astrology than the Sun-sign column? Do you believe that astrology can expand your understanding of yourself and others around you? Check out our Basic Astrology course, which presents the very basics of astrology so you can discover the mystery of “the stars.” And if you are so inclined, this course is the perfect platform to prepare you for IAA’s Professional Training Department.

Basic Astrology Course  

You might also be interested in some of our lectures and Pocket Courses, which provide information on specific astrological topics in a way that’s normally geared for non-astrologers.

If you’re new to astrology, Basic Astrology is the right place for you to be. This is an introductory course for students with no previous knowledge of astrology. It is designed to help students learn the basics of astrology. Each lesson builds upon the one before, preparing the student for advanced studies in IAA’s Professional Training Department. You’ll learn that astrology is much more than your Sun sign! You’ll also learn that the placements of the planets on the day that you were born gives insight into your character and potential.

Classes are held weekly.

Class Meeting 1: The Chart and the Hemispheres

Class Meeting 2: Quadrants and Houses

Class Meeting 3: The Signs and Glyphs

Class Meeting 4: Personal Planets and Their Glyphs

Class Meeting 5: Social Planets and Their Glyphs

Class Meeting 6: Transpersonal Planets and Their Glyphs

Class Meeting 7: Introduction to Aspects

Class Meeting 8: The Major Ptolemaic Planetary Aspects

Class Meeting 9: Adding the Angle

Class Meeting 10: The Lunar Phases