Planetary Ingresses

STARDATE:  December, 2017
All times Pacific Standard Time, USA. (For EST, add three hours.)

Planetary Ingresses (when planets move to a new sign)

Dec 1, 1:14 am, Venus to Sagittarius.
What is Sagittarius’s advice to Venus about relationships, creativity and aesthetics?
Keep relationships interesting; have new experiences together; see what’s funny about each other’s differences. Creativity: don’t be afraid to experiment, and remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
What is Venus’s gift to Sagittarius?
Tact, tolerance, fairness, acceptance of people as they are.

Dec 9, 12:59 am, Mars to Scorpio
What is Scorpio’s advice to Mars about courage, assertion, and physical sexuality?
Be direct. What do you truly want most, right now and long term? Keeping desire alive means relating to the whole person, including his or her shadow or wounded side. Help each other with your “baggage” and unresolved conflicts.
What is Mars’s gift to Scorpio?
Passion. Strength of will. Acting on your feelings once they’re understood.

Dec 19, 8:48 pm, Saturn to Capricorn
What is Capricorn’s advice to Saturn about maturity, realism and priorities?
Saturn doesn’t need much advice, since it rules Capricorn, but Capricorn offers it nonetheless: Think and plan ahead, but remember that you can’t protect yourself from every single mishap in the world. Don’t let fear or caution stop you from living a full life.
What is Saturn’s gift to Capricorn?
Self-sufficiency. Patience. Planning. Adulthood.

Dec 21, 8:28 am, Sun to Capricorn: the winter solstice
What is Capricorn’s advice to the Sun about sanity, identity, leadership, and how to nourish your life force?
Don’t neglect your “executive function” (being sufficiently organized, keeping your locus of control within, managing your own life). Sometimes you have to delay gratification. Be yourself, don’t try to impress others with a fa├žade.
What is the Sun’s gift to Capricorn?
Energy, vitality, self-confidence, willingness to shine, not making yourself small to avoid others’ reactions to you or your gifts, being yourself rather than a false self

Dec 24, 9:26 pm, Venus to Capricorn
What is Capricorn’s advice to Venus about relating, aesthetics and creativity?
Reserve, and a couple’s differing needs for time alone, aren’t good or bad; they just are, the way brown eyes are neither good nor bad. You need to respect one another. Take your time getting to know someone or learning an art form. Don’t cling.
What is Venus’s gift to Capricorn?
A desire to connect with others, rather than staying isolated all the time. The instinct to share. The ability to consider others’ feelings about a situation, as well as its practical side. Helping others save face without lying or patronizing them. Speaking  softly even when you have to carry a big stick.

Moon Void of Course (VOC) times:
During the VOC times listed below, don’t start something you want to finish well.

12-1, VOC in Taurus, 5:53 pm to 12-2 at 1:21 pm, Moon enters Gemini
12-4, VOC in Gemini, 11:12 am to 12:36 pm, Moon enters Cancer
12-6, VOC in Cancer, 9:55 am, to 12:37 pm, Moon enters Leo
12-8, VOC in Leo, to 3:08 pm, Moon enters Virgo
12-10, VOC in Virgo, 7:02 pm, to 9:01 pm, Moon enters Libra
12-13, VOC in Libra, 4:27 am, to 5:58 am, Moon enters Scorpio
12-14, VOC in Scorpio, 5:42 pm, to 12-15 at 5:07 pm, Moon enters Sagittarius
12-18, VOC in Sagittarius, 5:09 am, to 5:33 am, Moon enters Capricorn
12-20, VOC in Capricorn, 7:37 am, to 6:29 pm Moon enters Aquarius
12-23, VOC in Aquarius, 2:12 am, to 6:41 am, Moon enters Pisces
12-24, VOC in Pisces, 6:48 pm, to 12-25 at 4:26 pm, Moon enters Aries
12-27, VOC in Aries, 12:57 pm, to 10:23 pm, Moon enters Taurus
12-29, VOC in Taurus, 6:01 am, to 12-31 am, Moon enters Gemini
12-31, VOC in Gemini at 3:38 pm


12-3, full Moon ,11 degrees Gemini (opposing Sun in 11 degrees Sag.) 7:47 am
A full Moon that pumps up your curiosity, your ability to learn, listen, teach, and communicate—and your awareness that communication means dialogue, not a one-way street. Mental energy and activity can run high. Investigate something you’ve always wanted to experience.
A waning Moon until the 17th:
Finish what you want to finish.
If you want to break a bad habit, set that intention and break this habit during a waning Moon, because you want the habit to diminish.

12-17, new Moon, 26 degrees Sagittarius
(with Sun conjunct Moon in Sagittarius), 10:30 pm
A new Moon that inclines us toward tolerance, good will, and generosity, and we may feel philosophical. Find someone with whom you enjoy discussing the world’s issues and the human condition, or write yourself a journal entry about those topics. What makes your life most meaningful? Think of it as a pre-New-Year’s-Resolutions assessment.
A waxing Moon until Jan. 2nd.
Start what you want to start and to go well, to “wax” and grow.
If you want to begin a good habit or a new phase of your life, your career, your relationship, etc., set that intention and begin it during a waxing Moon, because you want the new habit or phase to increase and grow.

1-2, full Moon, 11 degrees Cancer (opposing Sun in 11 degrees Capricorn),
10:26 am