February 2018 Stardate

Stardate:  February, 2018. Copyright Jodie Forrest, 2018, all rights reserved.

ARIES: Your Wounded Side’s been tugging your sleeve for a few years, probably whispering unsettling things you’ve never heard before. Listen, because your Wounded Side wants you to understand it better. That may be all you need to do—or some of your new comprehension may lead you to transform your life. In mid-December, your inner Wise Elder said: “Face your professional situation. Do you need a realistic, step-by-step plan to change it?” The 15th’s New Moon may bring insights about your goals, aided by the imaginative, humorous influence of planets entering Pisces on the 10th , 17th and 18th . Look for serious epiphanies and synchronicities dressed in funny clothes.

TAURUS: Been feeling a bit overwhelmed? Consider revising some of  your assumptions about the world. Where can you stick your toes outside your comfort zone? If “true believers” start bending your ear but you disagree, that’s your right, and you might need to disengage. Instead, look for rollicking, curious, good-natured people who don’t kid themselves. They understand psychological nuances, appreciate black humor, laugh at their own intensity, and can help your self-confidence. The 15th’s new Moon may acccompany opportunities connected to career or social standing. They may seem delightful, or extremely weird, or both. When you first wake up, ask your gut which one’s right for you.

GEMINI: You’ve lived hard by your deep Self for several years, as insights and skeletons appear from your personal Underworld. Don’t ignore them. They’re part of you. Ask your biggest fear, your worst wound, and what you most dislike about yourself what they want to tell you, and what they’d like to ask. Consult your inner Wise Elder: If you can do something about this pain, do. Otherwise, treat yourself gently; stay grounded, and try forgiving and releasing. That’s not dismissing your hurt. It’s not living in the past, when you need a fascinating life! The 15th’s new Moon may offer invigorating changes of scene.

CANCER: The next two years will bring many opportunities to understand your relationships better. The goal? Greater clarity. The allies? Realism. Observation. The foe? Wishful thinking. Plan some pleasant time with close friends and your partner. If you have zero fun, analyze why. Did someone, including you, not allot enough time or attention? Forget something important? Arrive late or never? Pay more attention to what people do than to what they say. See any patterns? The 15th’s new Moon may bring extra insights about your partner. Aim for reciprocity and mutual respect. If analysis consistently shows they’re lacking, say so. Calm assertiveness is a relating skill you’re developing.

LEO: You may have been measuring out your life in learning curves, particularly at work. If your job’s been eating your life and your energy, now’s a good time to start working smarter, not harder. Talk to your most efficient friend about that. Why? Your personal life wants more time, which may become very clear to you with the 15th’s new Moon. By “personal life” I don’t mean just your relationships, although your mate and friends may have strong opinions about that. You need more time for your inner life, too, for daydreaming, for your family, for curling up with a wicked good book, and maybe even hosting a party. 

VIRGO: Drowning in details lately? Sift through them for the important ones: opportunities to learn, interesting day trips, and the sort of deep conversations that can make you laugh and cry. You need some time off, even if it’s hard to come by or you love your job passionately. Write some free days into your calendar and protect them, with a little help from more laid-back friends if need be. Those days off are Sacred Space. Down time promotes creativity, inventiveness, breakthroughs, healing—and around the 15th, insights such as how to streamline your work load. However, none of that juicy stuff can pop into your head if you’re being too busy and important. 

LIBRA:  Something about your home, family or roots may be smarting a bit at the moment, and your partner may want either some space or some reassurance. Be patient, think about reverse-engineering the outcomes you want, and maintain whatever boundaries you need, including verbal ones. Think carefully before accepting responsibilities that shouldn’t be yours; you may over-empathize with others this month. Meanwhile, your creative life—and you need one, even if only for your own pleasure—can flower around the 15th’s new Moon. So could an interesting new or deepening relationship with someone who encourages your creative side.

SCORPIO:  Last October, you began a year of opportunities and renewed self-confidence. Relax and enjoy the charisma, but watch any tendency to be overbearing. Around the 15th, the focus is on your home, family, and private life, any of which may need more attention. Communicate very, very clearly about anything you’re writing or reading that involves them; don’t let neglected details trip you up. If your Weird Fairy Godmother appears and wants to rearrange your space, hear her out. Who says you can’t free up more square footage for guests by turning the master bedroom into the living room?

SAGITTARIUS: You’re building something. Construction started some years ago, and the pace stepped up recently. What is it? Solid reasons to believe in yourself: in your competence, street smarts, integrity, and ability to prioritize. Not the easiest project when you’ve been more aware of your faults since December—but knowing them helps you work with and around them. Rise to the challenge! The 15th’s new Moon illuminates your inner monologue, what you tell yourself every day. What accomplishments have made you the most proud of yourself? Use that new Moon to write down every single one you can remember, and keep reading over that list.

CAPRICORN: Your Shadow’s not only still sitting at your kitchen table; it’s also come a bit more into focus, rather than flooding the house 24/7. Now that you can see your Wounded Side more clearly, what do you do? Keep looking. Not all the time, but as much as you can. Learning how others work with their Wounded Sides might be helpful, especially in a small group. Groups with any goal that matches one of yours are good for you just now. Don’t be defensive, evasive or whitewash your history, and don’t demonize yourself. The 15th may trigger unexpected insights that can help you heal or make amends with what you can in your Shadow, and remain compassionate about the rest. 

AQUARIUS: Last month, you probably needed to compromise with other people. You’ve been processing early pain or misfortune, some of it beyond your control, learning a lot, and letting go of whatever you can. Don’t get so absorbed in that powerful inner cleansing that you overlook opportunities around career or public identity. You can step onto a larger stage now—if that’s what you want. The 15th’s new Moon is about not compromising yourself or your goals. It’s about acting on them. What role do you want to play on that stage? Choose who you are and who you must be. Choose from your soul.

PISCES: The lineup of planets in Pisces and the 15th’s new Moon can boost your intuition and imagination, and make your dreams so vivid that they feel even more like reality. Your dreams aren’t actually happening in the outer world, but that’s not where you are. You’re immersed in your dream and experience it just as if it were real. Your fears are like that, too. They’re not real, but you experience them as if they were. What frightens you? Recognition, vocation, and/or the future? Make practical plans, then carry them out. Procrastination is mostly about fear. As someone once said, “Action precedes motivation.” And motivation is an excellent fear-chaser!

New Signs Feature

Stardate, February 2018, and a new Sun signs feature coming soon.

First, did you miss the lunar eclipse on January 31st?
Here’s a link to timeanddate.com’s live stream of the event:
It takes a while to prepare to play, and music starts near the end of the preparation, but if you don’t like it, you can mute it with the screen’s volume control.

Timeanddate.com is is a very helpful site for astrology students, astrologers and travelers. They cover three hundred years of eclipses world-wide:

On our eclipse pages we supply times, dates, and loads of information about 300 years of eclipses worldwide. Don't forget to check out our picture gallery and tune in again on July 27/28 for the second total lunar eclipse of 2018.

You can also look up time zone changes anywhere in the world on this site, see what time it is anywhere, and a lot more, including a downloadable calendar.

Ingresses in February:  PST zone
Venus enters Pisces, Feb. 10 at 3:19 pm
Mercury enters Pisces, Feb. 17 at 8:27 pm
Sun enters Pisces, Feb. 18, 9:17 am

The Moon in February:

Feb. 7, waning quarter, 19 Scorpio
Feb. 15, new Moon, 28 degrees Aquarius (Sun and Moon both there),  1:05 pm.
Partial solar eclipse, 12:52 pm.
Feb. 23, waxing quarter, 5 Gemini

The Moon rules the tides on Earth, and our emotions. When it’s full or new, people’s emotional “tides” in general are running high.
* This is particularly true for you if, in your birth chart, you have Cancer rising, or the Moon in the first house, or a Sun-Moon conjunction or opposition in any sign. Any of those natal configurations tends to turn up the volume on that person’s emotions.
* Wherever 12 degrees of Leo or Aquarius lies in your chart, you’ll be feeling the effects of Jan. 31’st full Moon on those degrees for approximately another month, and you felt them starting about a month before Jan. 31, too.

This month I’m not listing the Moon’s void of course (VOC) times, but I highly recommend http://www.moontracks.com for them, and lots more about the Queen of the Night.

The main reason I’m not working with the VOC Moon this month is that
I wanted to write some Sun sign forecasts, to be posted soon.

Good to know before you read yours:
* Sun sign forecasts are superficial, in that they are written as if everyone was born at sunrise and therefore has the same Sun and Ascendant (rising) sign.

* They are superficial, in that I assume whole-sign houses for everyone, as well as everyone’s having been born at sunrise.

What are whole-sign houses? If you have Aries rising, for example, I assume that all 30 degrees of Aries are your first house, all 30 degrees of Taurus are your second house, all 30 degrees of Gemini are your third house, etc.

What are the houses themselves? They’re the 12 divisions that astrologers make in a chart, like a pie sliced into 12 portions. Each has an interpretive meaning, usually more than one. Astrologers disagree about which method of division to use. There are many.

Unless the writer is completely inventing his or her forecasts and doesn’t base them on astrology at all, newspaper horoscopes also make these assumptions. Next they consider what house the Moon is currently transiting if you were born at sunrise and if all your houses are whole-sign houses. They may not look at much besides the Moon that day, too.

The Moon is important! Besides its rulership of emotions, it’s said to rule events on the Earth, our daily routines, and our bodies, especially its functions that happen automatically, like digestion. Plus our imagination, how we nurture or were nurtured, and the subjective side of our natures. But there are many more planets and factors besides the Moon to consider in a birth chart.

That’s why newspaper Sun sign horoscopes are superficial!
1. One person in 360 was born exactly at sunrise.
2. Of that one person in 360, only 1 in 30 had the first degree of their Sun sign rising.
3. It’s complicated! Again, a birthchart has many, many more factors than your Sun and its position in your houses. There are 12 signs of 30 degrees, 12 houses usually of a varying number of degrees, and anywhere from seven planets on up to however many asteroids or deep space objects the astrologer wants to include. Also, there are the angular relationships or aspects formed by those 7+ planets and the nodes of the Moon (where the plane of the Moon’s orbit crossed the plane of the zodiac). Astrologers don’t all use the same aspects, and we disagree about how close an aspect has to be to exact before we start feeling it.

Then why do Sun-sign-only forecasts persist?
The Sun is a powerful, powerful force in your birth chart and your nature. Never underestimate its influence in your psyche. It’s the normal, healthy, psychological ego, the part that’s in the driver’s seat most of the time that we’re awake. Its sign shows what sorts of processes we need to go through to have a healthy ego, a healthy Sun. To be sane, and not merely sane, but also flourishing. It’s like a big battery that powers up the rest of the chart. Sun sign astrology has been around and popular for a long time because the Sun is, arguably, the strongest and most potent part of a birthchart. Or it should be . . .

If you have a weak Sun, you don’t know who you are, what you want, where your energy naturally wants to go—making it difficult to access, and possibly interfering with your immune system and your mood—where your boundaries should be, and the difference between you and other people, particularly your significant others.

Feed your Sun with the experiences and attitudes (sign) and circumstances (house) it needs, and you’ll thrive. Optimal sanity makes it easier for all the rest of the chart—all the rest of you and your life—to function well, to create, to be generous, to “shine” on others and the world.

Okay, the Sun sign forecasts that I’ll post for February are superfical, as described above. However, I’m looking at the other planets’ actions, too, not just the Moon’s.
And the Sun itself is such a vast and potentially empowering force in our natures that it doesn’t hurt to examine where its vitality and influence may be felt in our lives, regardless of the generalities in Sun sign forecasts.

One more thing. I love to write, and I want to make these forecasts fun to write and read, and therefore easier to remember than if they were just dry prose and jargon. We learn best when our emotions (Moon) are engaged, and the Moon (with Mercury) at least co-rules memory.