The San Diego Astrological Society with Jodie Forrest

Take advantage of this opportunity! 

Wouldn't you love to have your astrology reading done?
Aug. 10, 2018 – Annual Readers Bazaar 7:30 pm 3900 Vermont St, San Diego, CA 92103

The San Diego Astrological Society (SDAS) will host its annual fundraising bazaar—providing readers ready to serve you! Participants can choose one or two ten-minute readings from a selection of experienced astrologers and other readers specializing in Tarot, Star Casters and Runes. So come ready to explore your inner and outer realities at this once-a-year-only event. Have more than a peek into the “hot spots” of your present and future while at the same time helping to support SDAS—and bring a friend!

The fee is $10 per reading with a maximum of two readings for the evening (maybe more if there’s time). Price applies to members and guests alike. We will also have our usual offering of delicious diet busting food for refreshments along with some more sensible choices. Look out for a potential trick up our sleeve, as there will be more tempting surprises in store!

Take advantage of this opportunity to experience new specialties in these types of consultations you may not have explored before that may introduce you to new tools for personal insights. This event can even identify new areas you might want to pursue for future learning and study.

This is one of the ways we at SDAS are able to develop the financial resources necessary to bring you the top-notch astrological speakers that come to share their knowledge and wisdom with our group each month. We appreciate your support in making this bazaar a success and hope that you find some new insights in the process—as well as some fun!
Location: Joyce Beers Community Center, Hillcrest

Stardate: July, 2018

Stardate: July, 2018. All times PDT.

I haven’t received a lot of comments about my regular Sun sign column on this site, and I’m trying something different this month. Let me know what you think, please, and what sorts of astrological analysis you’d find helpful or would like to see here month to month.

The remarks below apply to everyone. They are particularly relevant for you if you have natal planets or angles at or near the degrees of the signs that I mention below, or if you have planets or angles that aspect those degrees.

Here’s a brief review of aspects and orbs:

Each sign contains 30 degrees.
The circle of all 12 signs, a.k.a. the zodiac or the ecliptic, contains 360 degrees.
The major aspects, a.k.a the Ptolemaic aspects, are:
0 degrees: Conjunctions are an angular separation of about 0-8 degrees between two planets.
60 degrees: Sextiles are an angular separation of about 52-68 degrees between two planets.
90 degrees: Squares are an angular separation of about 82-98 degrees between two planets.
120 degrees: Trines are an angular separation of about 112-128 degrees between two planets.
180 degrees: Oppositions are an angular separation of about 172-188 degrees between two planets.
An orb is how many degrees we allow for “wiggle room” when identifying aspects.
In birth charts, I use about 8 degree orbs—except for the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, and the Nodes of the Moon, for which I’ll use up to 12 degree orbs, because they are more powerful than the other planets or points in a birth chart.
For stations, I use one full degree on either side of the exact station. If a planet stations at precisely 10 degrees Libra, then the orb of that station is from precisely 9 to 11 degrees Libra.

Note that astrologers disagree on what orbs to use. I suggest observing your chart and those of people you know well for a while, then deciding what orbs make the most sense to you.

The lunar cycle:

4th quarter Moon, July 6, 12:51 am, at 15 degrees Aries.
New Moon, solar eclipse, July 12, 7:48 pm, Moon and Sun both at 21 degrees Cancer
Note: this new Moon opposes Pluto at 20 Capricorn, with a 1 degree orb. Maintain a balance between expressing your more problematic feelings versus holding them in.
1st quarter Moon, 12:52 pm, at 28 degrees Libra
Full Moon, lunar eclipse, July 27, 1:20 pm, Moon 5 degrees Aquarius, Sun 5 degrees Leo.
Note: the full Moon is in a 2 degree orb of a conjunction to Mars at 3 Aquarius, while Mars is applying to a partile (exact) square to stationary Uranus on Aug. 1st at 3 degrees Taurus. Uranus squares the Sun-Moon opposition. If you have planets in the early degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, the fixed signs, you may have something to work out or compromise about concerning those planets. If you don’t have planets in the early degrees of the fixed signs, you may need to do a balancing act in the houses of your birth chart where those degrees are located.

Planetary Ingresses:

Venus enters Virgo, July 9, 7:32 pm,
The Sun enters Leo, July 22, 2:00 pm. It’s in the orbs of an opposition to Mars and a square to Uranus the rest of the month. It opposes Mars on the 25th and squares Uranus the 26th.

Stations: I use a 1 degree orb on either side of the exact station.
Jupiter Stationary Direct, July 10, 10:02 am, 14 degrees Scorpio. Jupiter is in the orbs of a station all month.
Mercury S Retrograde, July 25, 10:02 pm, 23 degrees Leo. Mercury is in the orbs of its station July 21-31.
Mars is in the orbs of its latest retrograde station through July 10.
Uranus is in the orbs of its next retrograde station all month.
Neptune is in the orbs of its last retrograde station all month.
Summary of stations:
Jupiter, Mars, Uranus and Neptune are stationary through July 10.
Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune are stationary from July 21-31.
Stationary planets are more powerful than non-stationary planets, and we feel their energies more strongly then, particularly on the date of the station itself.

Other aspects to note:

July 5, Mercury opposes Mars retrograde, 9 degrees Leo-Aquarius. Lots of mental energy or nervousness today. You may need to assert yourself, but count to at least 20 before you do. Avoid unnecessary stress; try to reschedule extremely charged conversations if possible. Find something fascinating to learn!

July 9, Mercury squares stationary-direct Jupiter, 13 degrees Leo and Scorpio. Don’t promise more than you can deliver. Double-check anything that seems too good to be true—it may be a scam. Proofread important documents. On the other hand, it’s a good day for improvisational theatre, cosplay, or games that involve wild-eyed schemes, eloquence, or tall tales.

July 11, Venus trines stationary Uranus, 2 degrees Virgo and Taurus. It’s Befriend an Aquarian Day! No? How about Be Nice to Nerds Day? Seriously, make peace with your inner (or outer) black sheep, rebel or non-conformist. Want to relax? Try an activity you find appealing and that you’ve never done before.

July 13, Venus trines Saturn, 5 degrees Virgo and Capricorn. A good day to organize, assemble, fix, or plan something you’ve been putting off until another time. Filing cabinets, Ikea finds, upcycled furniture, receipts, class notes, genealogical data, old family photographs, junk drawers—you get the idea. Also good for visiting flea markets and antique stores.

July 22, Venus sextiles stationary Jupiter, 14 degrees Virgo and Scorpio. Spend time with your friends or family members whose company you most enjoy. Throw a party. Make people laugh. Flirt. Are you a shopaholic? Then it might be best to stay out of the mall. Exception: art supply and hobby supply stores, where you may find just what you need. Enjoy your creativity.

July 24, Venus opposes stationary Neptune, 16 degrees Virgo & Pisces. There’s a jazz standard called, “I Fall in Love Too Easily.” Use it as a cautionary tale today. Spending time with people whose spirituality resonates with yours can be refreshing and inspiring. Synchronicities may abound. Heed your intuitions. You don’t have to act on them, but do notice them.

July 27, Venus trines Pluto, 20 degrees Virgo and Capricorn. Make peace with the parts of yourself that you most dislike. Sit with your wounded side for a while; don’t try to shut it up or push it away. Be mindful of it throughout the day, and reassure it if it winces. Be kind to it, and you may learn something valuable about yourself. A good day for revealing psychotherapy or other epiphanies.