Get ready for your Theme Song of the Month!

Stardate: August, 2018

Get ready for your Theme Song of the Month!

Consider it your unofficial personal soundtrack for August. Check out the links to the songs’ videos where I could find them. I looked for the original artists’ performances where possible, except in the case of Gwen Hughes’s cover of Carole King’s song, “Take a Giant Step.” As far as I know, that’s the only cover below. (Have some alternative suggestions for your theme song of the month? Email me their titles and songwriters’ names at contact @

First, do you know what a “solar” or “natural” chart is in Western astrology? It’s drawn up as if you were born at sunrise, even if you weren’t. Your Sun, whatever its sign, is placed in the first house. The sign immediately following your Sun sign in the zodiac is placed in the second house; the sign after that is placed in your third house, etc. For example, a solar chart for a Leo would place the Sun and all of Leo in the first house, all of Virgo and any Virgo planets in the second, all of Libra and any Libra planets in the third, etc. Astrologers can use this technique for forecasting work, to see where the planets’ current positions would fall in your solar chart. Astrologer Michael Lutin’s written a wonderful book related to this technique; its title is Sun Shines.

Second, several planets are making stations (are stationary) this month, which means their movement through the zodiac appears to slow, stop (make a station), and then resume moving  either backward (retrograde) or forward (direct) through the zodiac. Actually, the Earth appears to pass a “stationary” retrograde planet in their relative orbits, so from our point of view, the other planet seems to move backwards for a few weeks to a few months. A stationary planet is very powerful, much more so than usual. Different astrologers use different orbs (the number degrees away from the exact station) for how long a station is felt. I think that a planet’s stationary period, during which it’s extra-powerful, lasts for one full degree (sixty minutes of arc) before and after the degree and minute of that planet’s actual station. Stationary periods can last anywhere from about ten days to about twelve weeks, depending on the planet involved. (The Sun and Moon never turn retrograde, by the way, so they never make stations.)

Third: As for the theme songs, please note that the artists wrote and hold the copyrights to all of these songs and their lyrics. I provide the links for educational purposes and so you can enjoy their work.

Leo:  The Beatles, “We Can Work It Out.” Because Mars, ruler of assertion and boundaries, is stationary, mostly in your opposite sign, Aquarius, and in your natural house of relating for part of August. Meanwhile, the Sun energizes your own sign until the 21st. You may need to have a frank talk with your Significant Other, a friend or colleague. Stand your ground, but listen.

Virgo: U2, “Mysterious Ways.” (Bono’s daughter dances with him onstage.) Because Neptune, the planet of consciousness and mysticism, is stationary in your opposite sign, Pisces, until the 25th. You may find a partner confusing, enchanting, or both. Try to see him or her clearly through the Neptunian mists. Still confused? Try asking a third party, such as a realistic and perceptive friend, for a frank opinion.

Libra: Carole King, “Take a Giant Step,” performed by Gwen Hughes. Because Uranus, planet of breakthroughs, liberation, and progress, is stationary in your natural house of sexuality and the deep unconscious this month. Take some risks. Think of it either as opening up to a new person, or to a new insight about how some old pain may be blocking you in some area of your life.

Scorpio: Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks, “How Can I Miss You If You Won’t Go Away? Because Uranus, planet of self-determination and freedom, is stationary in your natural house of relating this month. Even if you’re deeply in love, you’ll likely want more time to yourself and will feel less tolerant of clingy people. Sometimes there really can be too much of a good thing!

Sagittarius: Sarah Bareilles, “(I Wanna See You Be) Brave.” Because Mars, planet of courage and boundaries, is stationary in your natural house of communication. Perhaps you’ve noticed that others are frequently neither as frank nor as attentive to principles as you are. Speak out! And insist that others do. If you don’t know whether someone’s angry, how can you process it?

Capricorn: B.B. King, “Better Not Look Down.” Because Saturn and Pluto, planets of realism and hard work (Saturn), and of facing your wounds (Pluto), are stationary in Capricorn all month. You’ve slogged through more responsibilities since December, but you’ve needed more quiet time to address the things going bump in your unconscious. Make time for some inner work. You’ll be glad you did.

Aquarius:  Incubus, “Drive.” Because Mars, planet of courage, strength, and will power, makes a station in your sign this month. Don’t let that scare you. Mars is your inner warrior. Make friends with him. He’s there to help you keep your locus of control inside yourself, rather than feel pushed around by outside forces. Keep your grip on the steering wheel of your own life.

Pisces: Stuart Davis, “Karma Pyre.” Because your ruling planet, Neptune, is stationary in Pisces, it’s a powerful influence this month. Neptune rules consciousness and the transpersonal realm. Meditate. Feel the Force; it can weaken your illusion of separation from the body of Life. Where can you serve without hurting yourself? Being more loving can help you become more intuitive.

Aries: Peter Gabriel, “Don’t Give Up.” Because Saturn and Pluto, planets of realism, hard work (Saturn), and facing your wounded side (Pluto), are stationary all month in Capricorn, the sign connected to your natural house of career. Plan efficient ways to navigate any choppy water at work. Strategies? Face your fears, use humor and diplomacy when possible, and persist.

Taurus: Audioslave, “Be Yourself.” Because Uranus, the planet of freedom, innovation and breakthroughs, is stationary in your sign all month. Meanwhile, a friend or partner may be well-meaning but possibly overbearing. If there were ever a time to be yourself, now is that time. Listen to your gut, to your core self, and be your own authority figure.

Gemini: Peter Gabriel, “Digging in the Dirt.” (Incredible live performance from his Secret World tour.) Because Saturn and Pluto, planets of realism, hard work (Saturn), and facing your wounded side (Pluto), are stationary all month in Capricorn, the sign of your natural house of the deep unconscious. Now’s the time for soul retrieval, to examine the places you got hurt, and communicate about them as you see fit.

Cancer: Tracy Chapman, “Give Me One Reason to Stay Here.” (Eric Clapton backs her up on this video!) Because Saturn (facing reality; hard work to change your circumstances) and Pluto (facing your wounded side) are stationary all month in Capricorn, which rules your natural house of relationships. Look carefully at what’s happening there. Don’t settle for less than respect and truths, however scary. (You’ll live.)